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Clothing Crafts Untitled - 3

Published on October 21st, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


10 Minute Skull Shirt

With Halloween right around the corner, I wanted to share a quick and easy cut out shirt idea that you can make in just a few minutes.

This 10 minute Skull shirt is fast and takes almost no skill, so it’s easy enough to make the night before you need to wear it. I love the idea of a symbolic looking skull because there is less cutting! LOL!

I got the idea for this shirt looking at fashion on Pinterest, I saw a grunge look t-shirt that was painted somewhat to look like a skull shape and I liked the idea of doing a cut out shirt, no waiting for paint to dry.

Untitled - 3

Let me show you how easy it was to make.


First I went to Walmart and bought two long sleeve t-shirts.  They were about $5.89 each, in the men’s/boy’s section. I bought large so they would be pretty loose and big on Annalise.

One in grey and one in black.

Get a super good, sharp pair of scissors. These are my scissors that I have contemplated putting a lock on, because no matter what, they are always the scissors everyone grabs to borrow, then I make them put back because they are my good fabric scissors. Use the other cruddy pairs to cut cording and wire and cardboard, don’t you DARE touch my good scissors.

It’s truly a struggle….sigh…



Now, turn your shirt inside out, make sure you have the front side up facing you, and just use a pencil or pen and lightly trace two uneven circles at the top, a triangle nose with rounded corners, and a couple thin stripes under the nose leaving about an inch between each stripe.


Go ahead and cut out the eye holes. You can see, I didn’t exactly follow the lines, as I decided I can always cut more, but I wanted to start smaller.

Once you have cut the holes, even if you have ragged edges it’s still fine, just give a pull on the fabric all the way around the cut hole and it will roll to the inside a little and give you a smoother edge.

Continue cutting until you have the nose cut and the teeth shapes cut out. Stretch the shirt again to smooth edges and you are finished!


You can wear the two shirts together, to give a more solid look, or wear a fitted shirt underneath.

And don’t think this shirt has to go in the closet after fall, it’s a cool grunge look shirt for year round!

Untitled - 1


Wasn’t that quick and easy? so much fun to wear your own styled clothing!

Untitled - 2





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