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A Little About Us…

that is, if you are really curious as to who we are. I am monkey toes, frizzy hair and curious beauty marks that form geometric shapes on my skin…

Kristen Swain


Hello! I am a wife and mother of two. I live with my family in Elkton, Maryland. I have been crafting my whole life, it seems. My mother was a crafter as well, although she sewed more often then any other craft. I remember painting T-shirts, creating christmas tree ornaments, and even crocheting as a teen, I’m sure my efforts were, well… less than stellar. I do remember being very into cartoon characters, and painting a pair of jeans and jacket that I was very proud of. You can envision it, 80’s hair with super high bangs, tight rolled cuffs on jeans that had Bugs Bunny, Tasmanian Devil, Tweety and many more characters from Warner Brothers. Wow! Huh?

After Graduation, I started working in a bakery, eventually making the transition to a full-time cake decorator and pastry chef. I learned the art of baking, and also that it’s O.K. to be creative in the kitchen.

During the final months of my first pregnancy I was on bed rest, and TV became my friend. I loved watching Aleene’s Creative Living, enchanted by the crafting of Aleene and her many friends. It was there that I first saw the amazing and beautiful art of creating scrapbooks with photos. I was thrilled, and I knew I wanted to take up this craft because I was going to have a new baby. This was a creative way to share the hundreds of photos that I was going to take of my precious little one. My friends and family were in awe, instead of looking at 20 photos of my daughter doing some precious new thing, they got to see scrapbook pages with those photos!

When we were finally able to afford a computer, I got online. My crafting stepped up to the next level as I gained new skills learned from online friends. My online friends became such a part of my life. Lifelong friendships were made as we watched our children grow up in scrapbook pages, and were as connected to each other as any hometown friends. They shared in my screaming joy as I received a phone call from Paper Crafts for my first publication call. Soon after that, I joined my first Design Team and have been creating professionally ever since. I have had hundreds and hundreds of publications, from art, to decor, to cards and scrapbook layouts. I have designed for and created for numerous scrapbook companies and magazines. I’ve even written articles on scrapbooking.

I enjoy baking, and creating food items for my family, who often share with their friends, co-workers and teachers. I know the  treats taste pretty good because I hear raves when my kids get home, have gotten marriage proposals from my husband’s co-workers (not serious ones) and get additional compliments when I go into school. I have overheard the teachers chiding each other about how lucky they are to get my kids as students. However, their diets aren’t always on point.

I am interested in branching out my crafting, creating new looks for older techniques and of course, in sharing my projects with you. I plan on creating a website, with the help of my amazing talented friends, that will be a real resource to crafters. I want to create fun crafts, with inexpensive items, and easy to find supplies.
I thank you for beginning this journey with me. *muwah!*


You can email me at info@CreativeMeInspiredYou.com


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