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Published on September 7th, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


Adorable Toadstool Garden Decor

No matter what you call them, toadstools or mushrooms, these adorable toadstool garden decor cuties are sure to be delightful in your garden.

I have several large gardens and even have created a smaller one in my back yard corner.

This little garden houses a little tree and will have some hostas planted as well. I wanted to put these in that garden so that they would stand out because of their color.

Honestly, I’ve been wanting to make garden toadstools for years. I just haven’t had the chance. I had at one time hoped to create them with some large stumps but haven’t had the logs.

With tree trimming this year, we found some pretty, thinner branches that made the perfect base for my mushroom idea.


I also found these little bowls at Walmart. My plan had been to find them at the dollar store, but these were $.88 for three of them, can’t beat that price!

And I loved the shape, the bottom isn’t super flat like the ones I found at the dollar store.

All I needed was something to make the dots. While I had some in my crafting supply from my scrapbooking days, you can find vinyl at the craft store, Amazon, and at auto supply stores.


I began by trimming the logs down to the size I wanted, at 10, 13 and 16 inches. I did trim both ends to make sure I had a flat surface. These logs fit well into my bowls, and they are about 2 to 3 inches across circumference.

I am one of those peeps who keeps my garage for stuff, not my car. tease

The saw is a compound sliding miter saw.


And yes, I do my cutting, but because I was taking photos, and needed a set of hands, hubby did assist me so that I had photos of the process. If you have a little tool knowledge you can do this craft, or get a little help from an experienced handyman.

I adjusted the logs to make sure I liked the configuration, and set up.


Then I asked hubby to give me a scrap piece of wood. It doesn’t matter what it looks like too much, because it will be covered in mulch in the garden. The size can depend on the size of your logs, but mine is about 10x 12 inches.


I traced the logs in place so I could make sure they stayed how I wanted them, and numbered bot the spots and the logs to remember.


Begin by pre-drilling the logs so the wood doesn’t split when the screws go into it.


Drill also some holes to place the logs, drill the holes all the way through the wood.


Use some all purpose screws and put them through the bottom of the board, into the log. Tighten so the logs don’t move.


Place the bowls onto the logs and pre-drill again for the screws.


Add the screw to keep the bowl into place. The screw will be covered with vinyl spots.


The almost finished piece.


Take your white vinyl and use either punches or a compass to create circles on the back.


Remove the backing and place the white vinyl dots all over the red bowls. I varied sizes and overlapped some of the vinyl.


Aren’t they super cute?

The wood is not made with pre-treated wood boards because the logs are already not treated.

These should last several years, if not longer. The wood board would probably be the first thing to decay a bit.


Make several sets to plant into your gardens for a really cute and quaint decor setting!





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