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Published on August 25th, 2014 | by Kristen Swain


Apple Jars for the Teacher

School is back in here.

As much as I enjoy my time at home, alone, being able to clean and straighten and get work done.

I miss my kiddos. I enjoy them being home.

I dislike the constant struggle of homework, chores, trying to find time to fit in the practices, clubs, family time and a snippit of time to relax.

The early bedtimes, the early wake ups. The pressure that is always there.

I love the summers, we are so much more relaxed with each other.

Days flow into each other, nothing more pressing then making sure we get enough sleep.

But as we say as parents. Life is about doing what you need to do, in order to do the things you want to do.

School. Love the teachers and school staff.

And I don’t think they get it enough to know that they are appreciated. So how about a little gift? Don’t send it in right away.

Wait a week or so, after things have calmed down. They can enjoy your gift to them a bit more.

After they’ve filed countless forms, assignments, and files. All that back-to-school, necessary but tedious paperwork.

Pop some nice candy into one of these apple jars for the teacher, and send it in to your favorite teacher, nurse, school aide or staff member.
Apple Jars for the Teacher - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

These are pretty easy.

You need these adorable little ball jars. and some spray paint.

Apple Jars for the Teacher - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

Give them a good spray on the outside, including the caps and lids.

Let them dry.

Apple Jars for the Teacher - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

Add a raffia bow around the lid. Cut a piece of stick with a pair of hand loppers, and hot glue it to the lid.

Use Heat and Bond between two layers of green fabric, to stiffen the fabric. Cut leaf shapes and hot glue to the jar.

Apple Jars for the Teacher - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

I also added a loop or two of jute around the twig so it wasn’t so plain. And I hot glued a button to the bow as well.

Apple Jars for the Teacher - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

Fill with a favorite candy and send out!

Apple Jars for the Teacher - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com




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