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Published on August 24th, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


Back to School Teacher Gifts

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Well, it’s Christmas for moms. But it’s the dreaded back to school for kids ( and don’t forget it’s a little bit for teachers too!)

I wanted to create some little gifts for my girls’ favorite teachers this year. A little something to help them keep up with their busy schedules, Back to School Teacher Gifts.

I love this time of year. Fall is coming, school supplies are out in store displays and we’re gearing up for being busy!

I always remember to buy plenty of school supplies, book bags, lunch bags, and snacks. But I tend to forget important details too.

Like stocking the medicine cabinet back up with vitamins, pain medicine, and supplements.

And I read in the newspaper that Walgreens was having a special offer with Pfizer products. Spend $30 on items like Advil, Emergen-C, ThermaCare, Children’s Advil, Dimetapp, Robitussin, Centrum, Caltrate, Chapstick, and Nexium 24HR, and get 10,000 Balance Reward Points. They have a nice big display in the store filled with these items.

Untitled - 2

Check out Pfizer’s website and see the details on these products.

If you are a frequent shopper at Walgreens, then you know that  1,000 points can be used for $1 savings, so that 10,000 points gives you a whopping $10 in savings! that’s a couple bags of Halloween candy, or replacement  Chapstick ( I think they jump out of my pockets!) or any number of items you might need to pick up! Like that great new lip color I’ve been wanting to try out. Honey, I swear it was free! :)

Untitled - 3

I stocked up on some items for us, and some for the teachers. Emergen-C, vitamins and Chapstick.  Little items for a teacher to stay active when they are super busy.


I plan on hand delivering these to the school myself, and I’m sure everyone in the office will love them!

Let’s make a gift! it’s a couple of simple steps.

First, cut a piece of cardstock to 6 inches.


Then using a scoring board ( or a ruler and pencil) mark 1.5 inches in from each side and score. These will be our fold lines.


Fold the lines, then trim just one side of each square like shown. This opens our box to each side to glue our sides together.


Fold the box sides up and glue the tabs that are on the inside to the outside flap.


Your box is now ready to fill.


I used a little paper crimp( find that in your dollar store) and then added some Emergen-C, a small bottle of vitamins and two Chapstick tubes.


For my wrap bag, I use candy bags because they are the perfect size for small gifts. Tie with a little bit of wire, and using sharp scissors I trim off excess bag above the tie.


Now to decorate.


Super simple, I added a flower I trimmed off a bunch from the dollar store. And I tied a double bow with some cream twine.


I also printed out the tag and the little banner saying using my computer and some pretty cardstock. I trimmed them with scissors to the shapes. Just cut a rectangle and cut V’s into the ends for the banner.


Now it’s ready to go.


Isn’t that a pretty gift? And if your teacher is a male, just switch out the flower for a button or star shape, no problem!



If you are making gifts this year to give to your kid’s teachers what Pfizer Products would you include in your gift box? As a teacher, what products would you think should be included to help teachers?



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5 Responses to Back to School Teacher Gifts

  1. What a creative and thoughtful gift! I’m sure your teacher’s would never tire of receiving such practical items for back to school! #client

  2. Danielle Morales says:

    I teach Kindergarten and would love this!! Especially the Emergen-C. That is something I always think I should take, but always forget to buy.

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