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Published on September 1st, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


Backwards Dinner Sundae Fundae

I have been asked by the J.M. Smuckers company to share tips and ideas using Smucker’s® Brand Products. I have been compensated for this post, however all opinions are my own.

Yesterday I shared my shopping trip and thoughts about creating a fun memory with my family. Our traditional Backwards Dinner is a memory that my kids will always have. Throw out the rules, let’s eat dessert first. A tradition I started when the girls were little.

Sometimes, it’s fun to bend the rules. Thumb our noses and make a choice to put fun over function.

It’s definitely a splurge, and not terribly healthy to have our dessert first. But it’s a treat. And sly mom I am, not having to fix dinner either! hah, win for me!


With school beginning, it’s been a couple of stress filled weeks. Do they have the right school supplies, are our instruments in good working order? Alizabeth began with her school schedule missing two classes and needed to make changes before the first two weeks went by. Early mornings, late night homework, and getting used to all the new changes in the day.

Yesterday, I went shopping at Walmart to pick up our needs for our Sundae Fundaes! We definitely needed a way to have a little fun and shake out the grouchies!

We chose a vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, maraschino cherries. And we decided on Smucker’s® Toppings.


Magic Shell, Strawberry Topping, Pecans in Syrup, Salted Caramel, Marshmallow, and Hot Dark Chocolate Topping.

I really liked this bottle of Hot Dark Chocolate Topping, it’s microwavable. It also has a button that says hot when you pull it out of the microwave, so you can shut the lid and shake it up so it’s all warm and gooey! You can pour it really nicely into your bowl of ice cream, or mouth. Yeah, I would never do that…


I set our table with all the ingredients for our sundae fest!


YUMM! look at all those great toppings. This is just a small idea of great toppings. Add in small candies, chocolate chips, nuts, sprinkles, jimmies, etc.. for a really big ice cream toppings bar.


This is where the fun begins. What flavors are your favorite? Annalise picked marshmallow and caramel, and chocolate along with Magic Shell.



Both girls used a lot of the same toppings. I guess they have similar tastes! Look at those happy happy grins. Backwards Dinner is a success!


Even hubby got himself a nice big bowl. He likes the strawberry topping, and the pecans in syrup. And when he adds his maraschino cherry he pours a little of the juice in as well.


What do you think of our tradition? It’s not very traditional, but that is why we love it!


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