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Published on July 6th, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


Bo Ho Summer Hair Wraps

Summer time is fun time. It’s time to relax and just let the kids take a breath.

As a crafty mom, I encourage my girls to do crafts, or let me do crafts with them.

Seems like the only time we seem to have is a couple weeks during summer where we have a little time to relax and do some one-on-one crafts.

I asked Annalise if she wanted me to do a hair wrap in her hair. I wasn’t sure, the kid has super thick hair down to her waist. I wasn’t sure she’d let me put one of these wraps in her hair.

I got lucky and not only did she want one of these Bo Ho Summer Hair Wraps, but she wanted two!




You will need some DMC Floss, or embroidery floss, in various colors. Think of your style, think of colors you love, and maybe think of what colors you wear a lot.

You might also need some charms, and a couple pair of pliers. We will get to that later.


Pull your hair all the way back. Next pull out a few strands behind the ear. These don’t need to be a lot, just a thin bundle.


Take your floss and cut it into 18 inch lengths. Tie on your first color with a simple knot.


Next, hold the hair strand and the tail (excess) of the strand. Then loop the long tail of the string over the hair strand. Pull that tail through the loop of the floss, and that will make your first knot.


Continue adding knots until you have about 6 inches of string left. To add the next color, simply add it on the last strand of first color, and pull the excess tail into the holding strand. Then begin knotting, switching out colors as you go.


At the end, I ended our wraps at the end of Annalise’s hair length, we added some cute charms. Just open the jump ring, put the ring through a solid piece of floss, and close the jump ring.

We added several of these tiny flowers to both strands, and one larger Mood Heart that changes with body heat.


What a great boho wrap. The two end charms jingle a little when her hair moves.



Other fabulous styles include using the wraps as accessories. Like a headband. Just tuck the strands behind the ear, and secure into place with a couple of bobby pins.


Want more of a bohemian look? Go with a head wrap look. Again, tuck the wraps behind the ear and secure in place with bobby pins.


It’s several cute looks in one darling set of hair wraps.



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2 Responses to Bo Ho Summer Hair Wraps

  1. Brit says:

    Hi, where did you get the charms?

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