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Published on December 8th, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


Cookie Cutter Traced Ornaments

I always tend to focus on one craft or another during the holidays. This year, Cookie Cutters caught my imagination. I wondered what fun things I could do with them, I mean, besides the obvious of making cut out cookies, which is something I don’t ever do. While I love to see others make cut out cookies, they aren’t a priority to me. Our family LOVES sugar cookies and I often make them, but I ball them and dredge them in sprinkles before baking. I can make dozens in the time it would take to make cut out cookies. Not to say never, but this is one tradition I have let go in order to enjoy other things around the holidays.

BUT I do think that cookie cutters are fabulous and I want to share one great idea with you today to use your cutters in a new way, Cookie Cutter Traced Ornaments.

Untitled - 14ginger

I’m going to show you how you can use Cookie Cutters to trace onto felt and handstitch your own ornaments.


Gather your supplies. You need felt, a fabric glue and thread.


I chose my gingerbread man and traced him two times using just a regular pen.


I carefully cut out two layers of the feltfor each gingerbread man. That gave me a front and a back.

Then I cut details. I used felt, but you could use fabric paint or glue on buttons and beads.


I used a single thread and stitched each piece onto the front part of the gingerbread man. Then I used a blanket stitch ( there are lots of tutorials on that if you do an internet search), to sew the front and back together, with a little fiberfill stuffing to give him dimension. You can also use just fabric glue to add these pieces, which would be much faster then hand sewing each piece on.

When I was finished, I added chalk for the cheek color ( cheap blush also works well).


Lastly I threaded a little thin satin ribbon through the top of the head and used that to hang him on my tree.



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2 Responses to Cookie Cutter Traced Ornaments

  1. mary michael says:

    Love your detailed instructions.When I lived in Delaware my husband and I did a lot of crafts. Now I am alone here in Hawaii outside Honolulu. Am in a seniors building and like to decorate the door of my apartment.All I can use is masking tape rolled inside out to hold things on the walls. Nothing can be placed on the doors. Your stick ornaments are perfect…lightweight, colorful and they can easily be created with my very limited supplies and work space. I have firecrackers to go up Thursday night created with those cardboard cores.
    Long ago I did angels, rabbits, Santa with the sticks. So I will enjoy creating using your directions.I do plan to go thru all your back listings. I have a kitchen so can try some of these yummy recipes.

    • cmiy says:

      Hi Mary! I live about 200 feet from the Maryland Delaware line, so I am often in Delaware! I love that I was able to inspire you to continue creating with lighter materials! I love your ideas for additional ornaments!

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