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Published on June 9th, 2017 | by Kristen Swain


Cookie Overload Ice Cream


Man, is there anything better then creamy, cold, sweet, yummy, HOMEMADE ice cream on a hot summer afternoon? I love making this easy 3 ingredient ice cream. It’s EASY, it’s NO CHURN!! and you control all the ingredients so you can do like I did, and include an entire package of chocolate chip cookies! Let’s just let that sink in for a moment. AN ENTIRE PACKAGE OF COOKIES in this ice cream. I mean, I love going to places like Cold Stone Creamery and having them mix in cookies and candy, but this ice cream right here is over the top complete and total indulgence!  Usually once a month during the summer I create an outrageous treat like this for my family, sometimes we all get involved making it and it becomes an activity then after waiting for it to freeze, a family treat as well.


I love serving extra special ice cream like this. No one has to use the entire package of cookies, they can take over the ice cream a little, but it’s nice to know, it’s certainly not too much for those of us who would like to create that super special ice cream. This treat is so much like an ice cream cookie sandwich without the sticky fingers. And it’s just perfect for cookie lovers too!


To make your ice cream base, you need 1 can of sweetened condensed milk and 1 carton of heavy cream. You may add good vanilla if you choose, but for this ice cream the flavor is great for adding in lots of cookies.


You will put both the cream and the milk into a bowl and beat them together. I used a handheld mixer, but a stand mixer is just as good.


Once the mixture gets thick and frothy and has almost doubled, it will look like the above photo. It’s done and you can now add your mix- in ingredients. This would be the place to add your vanilla.

We will be adding cookies.


I took out almost all of the package of cookies, leaving about 10 cookies to the side. I broke the cookies up by putting them into a ziploc baggie and rolled a rolling pin on them. You can crush with a heavy pan, heavy glass, a kitchen mallet or even just use your fingers. Place the cookies in the ice cream batter and mix well.


I used a large glass serving dish to put my ice cream mixture in. This dish goes in the freezer so be sure it’s freezer safe.


To really bring this ice cream to it’s full awesome potential, I took those last 10 cookies I set aside and crushed them for the top of the ice cream.

Wrap this beauty in some plastic wrap or use a container with a lid.


Now, you have to be patient, and wait at least 8 hours for it to freeze. I have done this in the morning, and checked it after 6 hours and it wasn’t quite frozen.


This ice cream is soft and creamy, not hard like store bought frozen solid like a brick ice cream. It does tend to melt quickly so don’t keep it out of the freezer for too long.


This makes about a 3/4 gallon of ice cream, I bought a special plastic container for making ice cream only, so it doesn’t absorb other smells and flavors. When this ice cream gets made, the smiles on my family are HUGE!







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One Response to Cookie Overload Ice Cream

  1. Diana Lopes says:

    From the title alone I knew I had to try this, and after looking at it… well… *aggressively startes cooking*

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