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Published on December 6th, 2013 | by Kristen Swain


Crafts of Christmas Past…

Hello! today I want to drag out the crafts I have created over the last couple of years to share with you. I love creating Christmas crafts. I am much more forgiving of myself and my crafting when it’s a temporary item out on display. That doesn’t mean that I don’t totally fall in love, of course.

I love these crafts of Christmas past , and display them proudly. When guests are over, my minions proudly take them from room to room and talk to them about the crafts that I have created. They stand there and point out what projects are homemade, what items are store bought, and go into detail, “Oh Mommy used a spaghetti jar for that”, or “those are just plain wooden birdhouses”, or “look at the texture on the snowman heads”… I secretly enjoy the praise.

I made these adorable snowman jars a couple years ago. First I took some spare jars, just a ball/mason jar, and a couple salsa jars, cleaned them out and added the red styro beads. I got those beads at the dollar store. They are a great filler, but fly all over because they are extremely light.

I created the snowmen by taking chunks of styro out of  the ball, rounding the balls as I removed pieces. To finish the heads, I added glue and sprinkled them with glitter, created some new noses with Fimo and then used chalk and sharpie to add the faces. They have real stick arms and some scrapbook embellishments. I used some of my Crinkled Ribbon, silver pipe cleaners, holiday decor and more to finish each one individually.

Crafts of Christmas Past - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

Paper Maché boxes have never been so cute! I created the large snowman for Cricut Circle, but love to share him. He’s made with some chalked cheeks, button eyes and mouth. I painted his top hat, with an extra box to complete the hat, with black spray paint. His nose, scarf, arms and mittens are all hand sewn felt, and I detailed his nose with markers. I added the Cricut cut trees, animals, and houses. I added white puff paint to his hat, eyes, cheeks, and the woodland and city scapes.

Crafts of Christmas Past - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

The little paper maché guy was again, a second top hat added extra and glued on, then sprayed with black spray paint.  I also splatter painted him all over. His eyes are buttons, his nose Fimo. Again, his cheeks were made with chalk, I also added snowflakes and icicles cut from the Cricut to him. Lastly, his buttons were added on with rusted jingle bells.

Frames are always a fun way to remember holidays past. I love this pic of the minion all frozen with joy. I covered a frame with scrapbook paper, added some white painted chipboard embellishments that I also added lots of clear glitter to. I added some bead stems at the top, along with some pretty tinsel ribbon, a sheer bow and button.

I also cut some Styrofoam in half, added that to the frame and made a friendly little snowman, party hat and cute scarf included.

Crafts of Christmas Past - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

Have a frame but no pics? use a double sided frame for more decor. I just added two pieces that I had cut from scrapbooking paper, and then added some bead stems in, along with a couple red velvet flowers. Using foam tape and layering really makes the inserts pop out from the background.

Crafts of Christmas Past - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

I make my own wreaths, from simple pine wreath forms, I add in ornaments, berry stems and decor picks.  My Santa wreath, displayed over the fireplace mantel, looks out over my Santa collection, lights the wall nicely.

Crafts of Christmas Past - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com


I just redid this wreath last year, with music note and pine cone picks, my Santa head stands out. I am still on the search for a ribbon to match Santa’s hat to finish the wreath nicely.

Crafts of Christmas Past - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

I have an affinity for bird houses. They yell at me in the craft store, then I buy them and they sit and sit for years. Last couple of years, I greatly enjoyed fixing them up differently with paint, glitter, berry stems, etc.. to make these adorable little houses. They are grouped on my den coffee table, with a couple wooden trees that I also painted. Hey birdies, I have lots of homes for rent!

Crafts of Christmas Past - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

I have played around with making snow globes the last couple of years. My globes have the tops up top because I want them to sit sturdily on their bottoms.  From a large pickle jar, to a small salt jar, I have created a couple fun projects. I made the pretty snowman in the pink vintage colors jar, added him and created a birds next on the lid, along with soft pink velvet ribbon. I used a paint bucket to add a snow scene, with clear snowflake, on the side and a large bell on the top. I used a dollar store wine glass, some dollar store figurines to create a candle holder that is beautiful and functional. One jar even has Santa in a snowstorm, winds swirling around.

Crafts of Christmas Past - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

I hope you have enjoyed my Christmas crafts of the past and that it inspires you to create some for your holiday decor!



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