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Published on February 26th, 2016 | by Kristen Swain


Fun Clay Corn on the Cob Pen

Let’s talk pens! I love making and using these fun little polymer clay pens. They are a big hit whenever someone sees them. They make great teacher gifts, and even craft fair sales. I love coming up with new ideas for making these pens. And my kids absolutely love to use them at school and even working.  And I tend to grab my clay pens first out of my pen bucket when I need to jot something down. I can’t wait to share these Creative Corn on the Cob pens with you.

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I have lots of step by step photos showing how to make this pen, so bare with me! You will need a pen, sculpey clay in these colors; pink, black, white, yellow, green. You will also need an oven to bake the pen, some aluminum foil and a baking sheet.

First of all, you must have the correct pens to cover with clay. I use these Bic pens, that have a nice thick sturdy barrel. Some pens will actually melt in the oven, so you need to find the right kind to use.


Before we begin creating, we have to remove the ink part. That easily pulls out using pliers, just grab the tip of the pen and pull to remove the ink cartridge.

I use Sculpey clay. It’s relatively cheap for a large package of sample colors. Check them out on Amazon.

I buy them at the craft store and can use coupons to get them much cheaper then the price on Amazon. ( usually about $12)

Recently I also invested in a clay extruder gun. Again. Here is an example of mine- but I found it priced better elsewhere. I paid only $13 for mine.

I did some research on extruders and found that this metal crank down type was the best, and it is very easy to use!


I loaded a marble sized piece of yellow clay into my gun and used the smallest single hole plate to create this perfect rope.


Once I cranked all the clay through the extruder, I wrapped it around the pen, beginning at the top, and making sure I was getting a solid coverage wrapping the pen.


You will wrap  the entire pen  in the clay rope.


I wasn’t sure what to use to create the lines for the corn. I ended up freehanding  them with a sharp needle tool I have. But I think I would suggest using a ruler with a metal edge. Just press the metal edge down the pen to get better lines. My corn turned out cute, but the lines were a little wavy.


Leave about a 1cm gap between the lines then press in your vertical lines as you go.


I use this round ball tool to make the mouth. I press it into the clay about 2 to 3 inches down from the top of the pen. Press into a crescent shape.


Now make two small balls ( about the size of peas) with white clay, and press them into the clay a little bit above the indent for the mouth.


Take two small ( about the size of beads) black balls of clay and press them into the white eye clay. I like my expressions to be silly so I always like to make them a little google eyed. ( uneven)


Take another ball of yellow clay and press this onto the face between the mouth and eyes.


Use pink clay, and flatten a pea sized ball, then press and pinch one side until it looks like a teardrop.


I press the tongue into the mouth gently with my fingers, then use a needle tool to press a line into the tongue and seat it better into the clay beneath it. So essentially I am pressing the line deep into the tongue.

To finish, I roll two little rope like pieces and place them as the eyebrows on the face.


For the leaves I blend a little yellow with the green clay and only mix the clay in a little to have the marbled look. I made long free form leaves by just pulling on some flattened pieces of the leaf colored clay.


I then put the leaves on the bottom of the pen- where the pen cartidge slides in, and pressed the leaves firmly into the yellow clay.


To complete the pen, I always use a razor blade to cut off the excess clay from the pen, this ensures that the ink part will slide back and click back into place.


Bake at 275 degrees about 15-20 minutes. I touch the clay and make sure it feels like it’s dry.  Wait for them to cool, insert ink cartridge and enjoy!

The watermelon pen will be coming up shortly, but you can create the face the same way.


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3 Responses to Fun Clay Corn on the Cob Pen

  1. cookie17 says:

    These are so cute different from other pins I’ve seen Thank’s for showing us how make them…

  2. cecilia says:

    too cute love them

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