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Published on October 28th, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


Creepy Giant Spiders

I have to admit, I adore Halloween.

It’s so much fun to make crafts for decor, spooky treats, and fun party favors. Not to mention, browsing and deciding what costume to create each year.

These creepy giant spiders are a quick craft that are sure to add some scare to your Halloween decor.

I have to admit, I got Alizabeth a couple of times with these spiders. Well, maybe I should say, they got her!

I left them on my desk and two days in a row, she gasped when she looked at them. Cackle Cackle Cackle.

I think they are a little more realistic then I expected them to be.


Made with simple items- some recycled lightbulbs, wire and spray paint, they are an easy and quick craft that really adds a lot to your decor.

Yes, I still use incandescent bulbs, in some lights they just work better. So I have the odd one here and there, I started saving the burnt out bulbs.

This really is an awesome project for the use.


You will need some bulbs, I have two different sizes for two looks. Some craft wire, I found the green stuff at the dollar store, and the thin wire in the jewelry section at Walmart.

You will also need pliers with wire cutters on them, don’t use scissors unless they are very dull. And optional- a hot glue gun.

Also, black spray paint, matte or glossy is up to you. Either way, buy the cheap stuff. $1 a can.


For each spider, trim off lengths of wire about 14 inches long. You will need 4 pieces of wire for each spider. Cause spiders have 8 legs, and each wire makes two legs.

I used the thick wire for the bigger bulb, thinner wire for the smaller bulb. I also base coated my bulbs with black.


For each pair of legs, wrap the wire around the bulb end, and twist to keep it in place. Once or twice is fine, you can also carefully use your pliers to twist the wire a bit tighter, but be very careful because the wire is delicate and breaks easily. I made the mistake so you won’t have to!


Once you have all the wires on and twisted, create a bend in the middle of the leg, like a knee, to give the spider his creepy appendages.


This step is optional. I felt the legs were a bit loose on the bulbs, so I added some hot glue to the underside of the legs to firm them up a little.

We won’t see this once they are painted.


Go ahead and spray paint your spiders, re-coating the bulbs and coating the wire legs. I sprayed two coats.


Once they are dry, they are ready to use!


Add them in your home decor, or onto your party table. They are going to frighten some people!







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