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Published on March 21st, 2016 | by Kristen Swain


DIY Glass Marble Patio Light

I am the kind of person who loves to save money. I love to use things and recycle, because it makes me feel like I get more for my money.

So when I buy things like pretzel rods, which I normally don’t buy unless I am being extravagant, I like to know that the pretzels are enjoyed and I can continue on with the container and create something with that as well.

Silly, maybe, but I love when I create something super useful- this DIY Glass Marble Patio Light.

We often sit outside in the spring, summer and fall. And we love to have a bonfire to enjoy the pretty fire, or keep warm. What I needed was an extra light for when the fire has died down to embers and the yard and evening is extra dark. Candles outside often blow out, or drip wax. And my family doesn’t often put away items when they go in for the night, so often I am cleaning up in the daylight whatever has been left out from the evening. I wanted something heavy enough that it wouldn’t blow away, easy to turn on ( no matches) and covered so it didn’t hold water and get ruined. I loved the idea of making a lamp that could be left out, and would be pretty as well.


Why I decided on covering this lamp with the flat glass vase filler marbles from the dollar store? well, for one thing, they are super cheap and come in a good sized pack. But another thing was that I didn’t want a light so bright that it hurt my eyes. The marbles around this light diffuses the white light and creates glow instead of bright light. Much nicer for ambiance in the evening.

I didn’t have photos of the container, but it’s a larger sized container like this.


You also need a tube of silicon glue, glass marbles from the dollar store ( I used about 4 bags of the larger sized teal ones), and a small bag of clear marbles.

Battery operated lights are the inside light I got some for about $6, these are even cheaper!


After you have washed and rinsed your container, and removed the sticker and glue, you are ready to begin.


Add a dot of glue onto each marble. then start at the bottom and adhere around the lower part of the container.



Stack the marbles around the container. Allow drying time every couple of rows if you see the marble begin to shift or fall down.

Add lid to container to allow room for the lid lip to go onto the container.


Once the whole container is covered, add the smaller stones around the lid, and decorate the top as well, filling in with the smaller stones in gaps.


Add the battery lights to the container. The lid may feel a little flimsy because of the weight of the stones, but I figured I won’t be removing the lid but twice a night, and it’s worth the cheap cost of the container.


it makes a lovely light, casting pretty patterns out into the dark.


Just open the lid and turn off the light, it’s safe outside with the lid back on.





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7 Responses to DIY Glass Marble Patio Light

  1. Shar says:

    Love this idea! These would also be pretty lining a dark walkway.

  2. Nancy says:

    You make this look so easy! Definitely going to try! Thanks for posting!

  3. carol says:

    Is this container Glass or Plastic?

  4. Claudia Nunn says:

    Wow! Great idea and it looks so good. I will be making one of these! Thank you so much for sharing your little stroke of genius!

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