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Published on July 24th, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


DIY Glitter Nailpolish

I like glitter nail polish a lot. I have oily nails and regular nail polish often chips off my nails even the day they are freshly painted.

I have found that a mix of nail polish with gel additives and glitter polish on top is the only way I can keep a new manicure fresh for a couple days.

I also love the glitter on my toenails because again, it lasts so much longer on them.

I admit, it’s sparkly and pretty too!



Now that I have admitted I am a glittery junkie, let’s talk about how expensive polish is. I have checked out beauty supply stores, and some of the same polish can be found at a pharmacy for much much less.

Honestly, I have also found some super cute colors at the dollar store ( some of the same exact polish that is $3 at Walmart). Yes, it’s cheap. But for a coat over top a solid color, it doesn’t have to be expensive to look great.

And I can find $1 store clear polish too, so let’s begin with that.

If you have some glitter in your crafting supplies, you can create your own glitter polish, customize the color and create a lot for just the cost of some clear polish.



To  start, you will need glitter. Here is a huge amount at Amazon for very little cost ( glitter packets). To store the extra, just use a paper clip or binder clip to close the packet. I already owned this package of glitter.

As well as this package of fine glitter. 

I only show both styles, because I used both in my nail polish. I like the bigger glitter pieces with the fine glitter. Mix and match, or use what you have at home. Buy the dollar store glitter. There is no need to spend a lot to find your glitter, I know I have bought packages of a variety of colors at the craft store for a couple dollars. And it will last a long time, because it’s fine and a little goes a long way.

Let’s begin. Gather your supplies.


You will need one bottle of clear polish for every bottle of glitter polish you want to create. And another bottle that has space to pour clear polish in.


( You will need to remove a little of the polish from the new bottle to allow room for the glitter.) You will need to pour out about 1/4 of the bottle. Just eyeball that, you can always add more polish back to the bottle, but once the glitter is in, you can’t remove more of the clear polish.


Then, you need to make this super fun aerodynamic specialty tool. Basically roll a funnel with a piece of paper, and staple it together. I also cut off about 1/2 of it, and re-stapled it to make it smaller.


Insert your handy dandy homemade funnel into the top of the polish, then pour in a bit of glitter.



I had a shot of me pouring it into the tube, but I am not so good at action shots while using my left hand. BLURRY!
So here is one of the glitter falling down into the nail polish instead.  Add the fine glitter, then add the chunky glitter.


When you are happy with the amount of glitter in the polish- or you ran out of room- like me- go ahead and put the brush and lid back on.

All you have to do at this point is shake, SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE, and shake some more.

The more you shake, the more dispersed the glitter becomes.


Look at all that glitter!!!!
You are ready to use it at this point. Just shake it up as you use it to get more glitter on the brush.  I added one coat of pink polish then two coats of the glitter. Top with a clear coat for shine, or leave the glitter coat for a more matte finish.


I created several glitter polishes. One of pink, lavender, and a mermaid color, with a mix of blue and green glitter!


Find your perfect color combo and have fun making your own personalized glitter nail polish color!




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