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Published on November 4th, 2016 | by Kristen Swain


Easy Oreo Monkeybread


Since my Middle School Home Ec. class, I’ve known about Monkey Bread. I don’t think I’ve made it more then a couple times since then though. But I’m always looking for a show stopper kind of dessert, you know, the kind that you remove your tupperware lid from and everyone gasps or ohhs and ahhs over.  Monkey bread is a pretty simple concept, dough rolled in cinnamon sugar, pour around a little butter and bake. Not hard at all for the kids to learn, and I know lots of friends who still make it for their kids, especially because it’s such a quick to make dessert. Again, another dish that I wanted to show my kids in our baking lessons. So I decided to add a little pizzazz, a little showboating, with adding Oreos to the cake. You will use the center filling of the oreos to add to the center of the balls of dough, so that each bite is ooey and gooey. The crumbled cookies are perfect for rolling the dough balls in, and create a chocolatey topping that is so yummy.  And it really is one of those desserts that tastes just amazing, but looks amazing too. And it’s not hard to make it pretty either, so I’m pretty excited to share this tutorial with you today, and give you the chance to make something that looks super impressive, but is pretty easy to make. Remember to get the kids involved with making this!

Jump over to the Rhodes Kids Blog and check out how easy this delectable dessert is to make!

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One Response to Easy Oreo Monkeybread

  1. Mari says:

    Looks amazing just pinned! Very possible I will wow my family for turkey day with this one lol!

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