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Published on July 31st, 2018 | by Kristen Swain


Everything Bagel Seasoning



I have a secret, I have never been to a Trader Joe’s store. We do have one about 40 minutes from us, but the interest of prepackaged gourmet foods hasn’t been enough to draw me to make the trip. After starting Keto, I found myself looking for interesting food ideas, and this seasoning kept coming up. Everything but the Bagel seasoning is the name of it, if you chose to look it up. You can find it for about $6-$7 for a jar on Amazon. I was tempted to buy it. But I stopped to think, what if I made my own. It’s pretty simple and straightforward, the ingredients are fairly cheap and I could probably make way more then the jar’s cost for what I would spend. Honestly, I am so happy I made this seasoning blend. Its a delicious addition to a lot of yummy snacks.



Ingredients needed are – Fine Pink Salt, an ingredient necessary for Keto dieters, I found a small grind of salt, you can chose finer or rougher grinds.

Toasted Sesame Seeds and Poppy Seeds

Minced Onion, the original recipe has minced garlic, but I chose to add onion as I find it’s more palatable and not as likely to give me dragon’s breath after eating, and everyone who does Keto knows that we often have issues with bad breath. I did use Garlic Powder, as it was an easy to find item, but I reduced the amount the jar needed because of the finer grains.


To start the mixture, add one whole jar of the sesame seeds to a bowl. Keep that jar, because we will add our mixture back to that jar to store and use. This is about 8 tablespoons of seeds.

Then add 3/4 of the jar of poppy seeds. About 4 tablespoons.


Add in about 2 tablespoons of garlic powder, and 2 tablespoons of minced onion to the mixture as well.


Finally, add your pink salt, about 2 tablespoons as well.



Use an empty spice jar and a small funnel to add the mixture to the jar.


I used a spoon to transfer the mixture into the funnel, this made less mess for me.

After the jar is filled, and any other mixture is added to a storage container.


From this point, remove the label and add your own.

Before using this mixture, I recommend that you shake the jar well before using.

Here are some ideas for using this spice mix.


Salami and cream cheese, or pepperoni and cream cheese.

IMG_4502a IMG_4497a

Or cucumber and cream cheese.





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