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Published on June 28th, 2016 | by Kristen Swain


Cookies and Cream Extreme Ice Cream

I have found a new recipe that I love. First, it’s so super simple, and second, it’s really easy to customize for your family tastes.  It does take a little patience, but it’s well worth it.  You don’t need an ice cream maker, or to spend time shaking the ice cream around in a bag for hours. AND it’s made with just a couple simple ingredients.

Ice cream is definitely a summer treat for our family.  And we all seem to love double flavors, in fact, Ben and Jerry’s used to be one of our favorite companies to get ice cream like we like it. Think also of Cold Stone Creamery, where you mix in your favorite cookies, or candies and have a delightful ice cream experience. I wanted to get that at home, using ingredients I chose. Flavors I wanted to eat.

You see, I love mix ins with my ice cream.  I prefer to have stuff loaded into it more so then a plain creamy ice cream. Give me chunks of chocolate, swirls of marshmallow or hot fudge, sprinkles, cookies or nuts. A flavor explosion is my kind of decadence!

My first recipe to share with you is this amazing Cookies and Cream Extreme Ice Cream, and to make it extreme, it is absolutely LOADED with chunks and crumbs and big pieces of Oreo cookies. Oh so heavenly! And I think you might have some of the ingredients already to make this.

Untitled - 4

The ice cream itself tastes like a great homestyle vanilla ice cream, it’s so rich and creamy, I was shocked at how creamy it was considering it’s a no churn recipe.  No churn means that you don’t have to have a machine to spin the cream around so that it doesn’t get ice crystals in the finished ice cream.  The cookies softened just slightly resting in the ice cream, so that there is still a light crispness to them, without being to mushy or too crunchy. You get to taste the cream inside the cookie as well, it’s absolutely delicious!


Just loooooook at all that cookie goodness! SO YUM!

Untitled - 1

This recipe makes about a half gallon of ice cream.

To make this ice cream recipe- you will need

2 Cups of Heavy Cream ( price- about $2.50)

1 can of sweetened condensed milk ( price- $1.55)

1 teaspoon vanilla (price- about $.25)

1 package ( minus a few I ate!) of double stuff Oreo cookies ( price – $1.99)

Priced out that is $6.29 a half gallon, for a gourmet premium tasting ice cream.

You will need a mixer and a loaf pan or another metal container that can freeze well.


Begin by using either a hand mixer or a stand mixer and whip the heavy cream up , it will take about 5-8 minutes of whipping depending on your speed. This is a great job for the kids to help with, I had my teen use the hand mixer to help me. Just make sure to tell them to hold the beaters well in the cream, or watch out and be covered in heavy cream, like happened to me! eek!


The cream does not have to be super whipped, you can basically just whip it until you see the volume increase. Then add the vanilla and the container of sweetened condensed milk, and mix in well with the beaters.

That is it! All we have to do is the fun part.  Break the Oreos into chunks and put them into the sweetened cream mixture. Save out about 8-10 Oreos for the top of the ice cream.


Now just mix those gently into the mixture.


Put the mixture into a pan, I used a loaf pan.

Untitled - 2

Now crumble the rest of the Oreos you set aside and place them on the top of the ice cream.


Cover with foil or saran wrap and place in the freezer.

You will need to let this sit overnight for the best flavor. We did this in the morning, and tried it after about 5 hours in the freezer. The ice cream had a very sweet flavor and was just soft set. Overnight the next day the ice cream flavors melded better and became smoother and the ice cream was solid.


Let’s take another second to look at that again……

Untitled - 5

So creamy dreamy and just LOADED with cookies and cream.

Untitled - 6

I’ll take two scoops please!

Untitled - 3

You have to give this easy recipe a try. Meanwhile, I’ll be in the bat cave whipping up some more flavor combos to try! I can’t wait to EAT um- share my progress!



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2 Responses to Cookies and Cream Extreme Ice Cream

  1. Véronique says:

    Kris, I don’t know what to say… Except that you’re my hero and that I will worship you for the rest of my life :D I’m going to pin this staight away. Thank-you SO much for this :)

    • cmiy says:

      Veronique, you made my day with your fun, sweet comment, please make your day by mixing up a batch of this ice cream! :)

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