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Published on December 3rd, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


Fingerprint Christmas Cards

Christmas cards, do you still send them? I love to make my own. I make them in small batches. So I am sending out three or four of the same, but maybe 10 different styles through out the holiday season.

I love that they are more personal and unique. Handmade cards are just better. It shows that you took the time to make something beautiful for your friends and family.

These adorable cards will be loved and cherished by all, once you and the kids have gotten these Fingerprint Christmas Cards

They are easy, all you need is a little paint, some cards and envelopes and a couple markers.

PicMonkey Collagecmas

For each card you can use a blank card base- these can be bought at a craft store. Most card bases are blank in white or cream, and come with envelopes as well.

And you will need acrylic paint.


I chose to use separate pieces of white cardstock , just in case I made a mistake. And I knew I wanted to layer the cardstock onto a card base, along with cardstock in colors. Simply because I love color and it’s in my scrapbooker nature to layer.

This is optional for you, feel free to print directly onto the card base.

Some cards needed finger prints, and some needed thumb prints. Here I used my thumb, and completely coated my whole thumb, to make a long thumbprint.


I am supremely lazy, and just poured a little paint into the cap of the bottle to use for adding paint to my fingers. Use a paper plate for kiddos, so they have a little space to make a mess.



Make sure to leave a little space between each print, so that you can add more prints in other colors. This will be my elf card.


I used a dark orange, cream, grey, brown and tan for my kitty prints.

Once the paint is dry, leave them at least 3-4 hours drying time, you can add details with markers. I like a fine point sharpie along with sharpie markers for coloring.

I added the face details, the ears, the tails and the front legs. Then I added a few sprigs of holly and berries to Christmas this card up.

Print out your greeting, I love the puny ones!



I used the tip of my finger to make this fun Christmas tree.  After it dried, I added colored paint dots and some sharpie details. I also added some colorful gems to glitz up the tree.

I added a ribbon detail and the printed greeting.


These cute and crazy reindeer are pretty easy to complete. Add however many prints you want, and let them dry. Add in the antlers and the nose with a marker. The wiggle eyes are more fun when they are different sizes and I added a big red gem for Rudolph’s nose.


These lights were fun to make, adding every color I just dotted the prints all over the page, then came back once they were dry to add my wiggly string and the bulb ends. I had an open space in the center to put my greeting.


At last but not least, these elves were so cute to dress. Big finger prints, then I dressed them with black marker and some colored markers that match their outfits. Aren’t they adorable!


These five cards are just a few of the ideas I had for creating these finger print cards.



What other cards would you make with these ideas? What other ideas do you have for making more finger print characters?



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