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Published on December 10th, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


Gingerbread Pop Em’s

Christmas in our house is always so much fun, I love to get the kids to help make special treats. And I hope that one day they will continue the tradition on with their children. We love to bake breads and treats, cookies and cakes are a favorite, and so are candies. I’m excited this year to try these Gingerbread Pop Em’s, bite sized donuts that are risen, baked, filled with a cream cheese icing, and then rolled in a gingerbread spiced sugar. They are little two bite donuts that are sure to be warm and comforting, inspiring thoughts of the season with the spicy gingerbread taste.

Untitled - 1c

We need Rhodes Bake N Serv Dinner Rolls for the base of our donuts. Each roll makes 2 donuts, so plan your thawing according to how many donuts you wish to have. We made 16 donuts in all, so I pulled out 8 Dinner rolls.

Don’t these just look amazing. That rich creamy filling, with that sugary coating. Eat them while they are warm, the outside is crisp, the inside is tender, and the sweetness is so good!


Go check these delicious donuts out on the Rhodes Kid Blog! Click here to drop over.


Oh yum! Serve with a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy! So delicious!

Untitled - 2c


Untitled - 3c



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