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Published on March 9th, 2016 | by Kristen Swain


Glitter Lava Bottles

I love to come up with ideas for crafts for my teens. I realize that probably in the teen years a lot of these kids are more into their smart phones and social media, but I know my kiddos still like to create stuff with me, or even on their own. And it’s kinda hard to find easy-to- make, inexpensive crafts that look cool when they are finished. So I am always excited to share crafts that my teens enjoy. And let me say that this is absolutely a kid’s craft, but I believe that it’s also a teens craft and would make a great craft to do for sleepovers or scouts, or birthday parties! Whenever you need to get those kids occupied for an hour so you can have a break!

Untitled - 2l

Several weeks ago my oldest daughter came home and told me about a friend of hers from school that had a water bottle with glitter in it. It was only about  an inch of water and a little glitter in the water, but she said she played with that an entire class period as it was calming. I told her how easy it would be to create her own version of that in a larger size and we came up with this glitter lava bottle.

You probably have most of the ingredients already at home. And even if not, the corn syrup is about $2. The bottles are leftover from ICE water drinks. And the glitter can be found cheap at the dollar store.

These bottles are true Lava water, as the glitter and sequins both float to the top of the bottle and sink to the bottom, however, you do need to shake, swirl, and twirl the water to get that effect. I have to admit, it’s kind of mesmerizing! Watching the different effects you can get with the water, and the glitter and sequins sparkle and shine. Play with this in a sunny room, it’s gorgeous! Still great to play with in a dark room with the flashlight on your phone! The dark glitter bottle reminds me of the night sky or a galaxy. The rose gold glitter is oh so pretty to watch in a sunbeam.

Here are the easy to find ingredients….


You will need one empty water bottle. Or any bottle, plastic is best. Remove the label. Keep the lids. Again, we used ICE water, because the slim bottles were pretty cool looking.

Corn Syrup- I had light on hand, whatever clearish kind you get works.

Confetti and glitter- cheap stuff. Shapes are fun. Pretty colors too.

A little silicone glue is optional…


First, remove the label. I tried this Sticky Out, because I had it. It worked sorta OK.

Wanna know what works better? Creamy Peanut butter… weird, but it gets rid of the sticky because it’s oily. Smear some over the label gunk with a paper towel and scrub a bit.. Wash the bottles with soap and water once the label gunk is cleaned off.


Next step… Fill the bottle about 1/3 to 1/2 way with the corn syrup. More and the glitter will fall slower. I wouldn’t completely fill the bottle, but even 3/4 of the way will make a super slow glitter fall. ( the corn syrup thickens the water so that the light glitter stays afloat longer).

Untitled - 6


Next, add your glitter, I had packets and used about half, too much glitter and your sequins won’t show up as much in the mixture.

I’d suggest an amount of about 1 to 2 tablespoons.

Untitled - 3

Add  sequins if you like. I had these round blue ones.

Untitled - 4

Any kind of sequins or metallic confetti will work. I also had these silver stars.

Untitled - 7

In total I added about 2 more tablespoons of sequins/confetti on top of the glitter.

Untitled - 8

Once you are happy with your fill in’s, fill the rest of the bottle up with water.  Make sure to fill the water in last, because you may want to add more glitter. Here is the optional step of using silicone glue.  ( you may find this in the caulk section of your home goods or walmart stores)



Around the rim of the bottle, add a small amount of glue all the way around on the threads.


Place the cap on the bottle and tighten it down all the way. The reason for the glue is it’s waterproof, and once it’s dry, won’t allow you to remove the cap, and prevents any leakage from the bottle.

You can simply skip this step and tighten the cap down without the glue as well. Once the bottle lid is on, shake the bottle well for about 1 minute. This is to mix the corn syrup and water together.

Untitled - 5

Now you are ready to use them! Shake, spin, twirl, roll the bottles to get the water moving in different ways.

Moms- you might even want to make yourself one, they are really hypnotic and relaxing!


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