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Published on October 1st, 2014 | by Kristen Swain


Halloween Costume Ideas

I decided with Halloween coming up, I would share several years worth of costumes that the minions wore.

I have always shied away from the usual costumes, and tried to be individual. However, some years, the girls had a specific idea of  what they wanted to be.

Many years, we have purchased items that created the best Halloween costume ideas.

Come take a look, and walk down memory lane with me.

Annalise wore a dress up Kimono at 4, she looked adorable.

I made her face into a Geisha, and she loved the fun face paint.

It wasn’t hard to paint. White paint all over, and a little pink around the eyes.

Red lips and black eyeliner on her eyes and eyebrows.

Halloween Costume Ideas - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

It was a difficult year. Just a few days before Halloween, Alizabeth was going to be an Indian Princess.

We had to scrap that costume because she tore the growth plate off her kneecap at TaeKwonDo, and was in a full leg brace for weeks.

We trick or treated at the mall, people were crude and thought her wheelchair was a lazy costume.

But she got high points at her costume party. We used an old pair of pajamas, some white and gray paint.

We added fake blood to some bandages and even some fish tank tubing and a fake syringe added to her arm.


Halloween Costume Ideas - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

Um, no Alizabeth, no snacking before we go Trick or Treating!

Halloween Costume Ideas - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

Another year, we had a costumed pirate lady. We added a face kit from the dollar store and a big swashbuckling knife.

Halloween Costume Ideas - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com


Annalise’s costume made me laugh. I loved what a ham she is for the camera.

She had a Super fun Biker costume. All we needed was a head wrap.

I found a cool shirt and a dollar store bracelet.

Then, we added a whole pack of temporary tattoos.

She was scored in the top three at the costume party we went to that year.

Halloween Costume Ideas - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

The next year, we were in the middle of moving. Everyone got an easy store costume. But what a cute pair.

Annalise wore her cowgirl outfit so well, she LOVED those pink boots!

Alizabeth made a fabulous cave girl. I bought a necklace with bones and took some off to stick into pony tail holders in her hair!


Halloween Costume Ideas - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

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The next year, we were so busy. We ended up going to several fairs and parties.

Alizabeth rewore her cave girl outfit.

Annalise decided that little red riding hood was going to be her costume!

(We got a lot of use from costumes that year. They even donned them when we had a yard sale. That got people’s attention!)

Halloween Costume Ideas - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

That headwrap came in handy again, as Alizabeth wore it for her Biker outfit the next year.

Her faux snakeskin jacket and leather boots looked COOOL.

Halloween Costume Ideas - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

Always the ham, Annalise dressed up like an ’80’s Rock Star for her Halloween fair at school.

We added every glittered item she had to her outfit, a colored hair clip and shuttered glasses.

Halloween Costume Ideas - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

Both these kids were too cool for school!

Halloween Costume Ideas - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

The last photos I have to share are from about 4 years ago.

Annalise was a girl from the ’50’s with a funky cute poodle skirt and saddle shoes.

Alizabeth was a clever homemade costume – Static Cling!

Halloween Costume Ideas - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

Have you thought about your costumes for this Halloween? I’d love to hear your unique ideas!

Remember keep it fun and keep it original looking!

Check out the great costumes at HalloweenCostumes.com!


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