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Published on September 11th, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


Hand Painted Galaxy Shoes


I guess it was a couple years ago now that galaxy print got to be so popular.

I love the look, especially because it can be so varied in color and pattern.

But it can be hard to find the galaxy look my girls and I like in various clothing items. So as a crafty gal, I decided to just go ahead and make my own, Hand Painted Galaxy Shoes.


Let me show you something for contrast.

I paid $70 for custom Vans for my oldest, Alizabeth.

Guess which ones I like better? I mean, she loves her shoes. But….


I spent $6 on a pair of black canvas shoes at Walmart. I already had all the paint and glitter. But say, $5 more for each color of paint. And $5 for the fabric glitter glue. So for $16 max, we ended up with really bright and colorful and full on glittery galaxy shoes.

Let me show you how.

First, I bleached these black shoes. I honestly would not bother with that step now. I bleached them several times, and didn’t get much color out.

So I ended up just painting them with white acrylic paint.

I just brushed on white acrylic paint all over. I tried to cover the side soles with duct tape to keep them clean, but it kept peeling off.  Don’t bother with that either.


To begin painting, I used the el cheapo $.89 cent bottle of acrylic craft paint. I used a large brush to just swirl on and dab on color across the white paint.

Artistic tip- leaving a little whitish gray on the shoes can be painted over for shadow effect, it is a great way to underpaint and not have to blend. So don’t coat the shoe completely with white.


Dab, dry brush and swirl whatever colors you want. I used pink, turquoise, purple and orange.


Keep going and adding until you have the look and amount of color you want.


Come back with black paint, and dab it on using a cruddy brush. You want to blend the edges of the black in a little with the colors.


Dabble the paint and swirl it around the colors a little.


To finish the shoes, you will need white acrylic and glitter fabric paint. These are the kinds of paint I use.

The black is to add the black paint explained above.  Once the black is dry, water the white paint down just a little , and use a splatter technique to get the stars look. Use your finger across the tip of the brush after you have loaded the brush with paint. Depending on the direction you pull or push the paint into flecks that will go across the shoe. Experiment to see what gives you the best effect. The various sizes of the specks of white are what gives the illusion of stars in the galaxy.



Once the white paint is dry, dab some of the glitter paint onto a paper towel and dab it all over the shoe. Too much glitter will conceal the paint, so keep dabbing and wiping the glitter onto the shoes.

Yes, they are ok in rain. The paint should wear well, and if you spot clean them they will be fine. I also dabbed black paint on the side sole of the shoes wherer I got paint or glitter, and I repainted the eyelets for the laces black as well to look more professional.


That’s it.




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