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Published on November 20th, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


Handcraft Teen Accessories

If you know me, you know that crafting is at the center of my being. I mean, the absolute core of my soul. I don’t go a few days without creating something with my hands. I often try new ideas and crafts and find even more things to love about crafting. It calms me, it’s meditative. I have a type A personality, so I need to find ways to decompress, and crafting is one of them.

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While I love it,I also want to instill that love into my children. You can find a lot of craft ideas on this blog for teens and tweens. I love that my girls will help me, test, and create these ideas. I often find that when I am working, and they want to be creative, I don’t have the time to come up with an idea, or even shop for supplies.

I love ready made craft kits like these from Cool Brands,  where they can do crafts like Handcraft Teen Accessories. I think they would make great Christmas gifts, and I like to buy ones my girls haven’t used before. I often peruse the aisles in stores like Target and Walmart, or shop online at Amazon and Toys R Us for these type of craft boxes. Text Cool™ Bracelet Studio

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I love the idea that she can personalize these cute and colorful bracelets with her own words, thoughts and expressions. There are over 35 emoticons, 60 letters and the kit comes with a huge amount of bracelets- 35!


After opening the box, Annalise sat down ( who sits like that? kids!) and began by reading the instructions. Pretty easy to put together, the kit was ready in about 2 minutes to use. She picked her first bracelet and began to print out her name. She spun the dial to the letter she wanted, then just pressed to hear the click and the embossed letter moved forward.


Wanna know something fun? All the bracelets are silver on the back, you get an extra color to use if you chose to print some on the reverse!


Annalise had a great time creating her bracelets with her own sayings. Seriously, she kept saying to me, “This is so much fun, Mommy!”


She liked the emoticons a lot, and mixed them in with the lettering. Her bracelets ended up with sayings like Music for Life, Annalise, I love Animals, Forever Friends, I love Food ( haha), and she made one with nothing but emoticons as well.


After I took these photos, Annalise had a sleepover with a friend a couple days later. She and her friend made a bunch of bracelets with this kit as well. They had a lot of fun, giggling over what they were going to print onto the bracelets, and coming up with fun sayings, playing with the emoticons as well. I think this kit is a great idea for using with friends, there are plenty of bracelets and the kit is a lot of fun! Plus her friend got to take them home and show off the cool craft they did at our house.

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We also have this fun Knit’s Cool™Knitting Studio kit,  where she can watch a How To video demonstration to learn how to knit! Her first project is going to be a knit water bottle bag, adjusted from the cell phone purse you see the model holding on the box.


I am always a fan of crafting, and getting kids into it when they are young is a great way to foster that love of creating with your hands. I feel that it teaches out kids to be creative, resourceful, and artistic. I hope you are considering crafts for Christmas for your kids this year. What craft items are on your gift giving list? Leave me a comment and let me know!



I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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