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Published on March 29th, 2017 | by Kristen Swain


Jalapeno Popper Boats


Is it SuperBowl weekend, March Madness or Soccer Cup craziness at your house? Sports teams are fun to watch, but as the foodie, I prefer the game day spreads! All the snack foods and yummy treats that we bring together and gather and munch. I have never been a fan of hot and spicy foods. I have a mild tongue and a tender tummy. My youngest takes after me and neither of us has ever been able to handle Jalapeño Poppers because they are usually too spicy. Yes, we are total sissies! However, after visiting a wonderful farmers market I found a giant bag of jalapenos for $1.50 and wanted to try a technique I had heard about on how to take the heat out of the peppers. If you remove the seeds and the white parts of the pepper, they are much more mild and we found them delicious and edible! I made this amazing bread for us to enjoy and I love that as the ‘chef’ I get to decide how hot to make these bread boats, even super mild while still using the real pepper to get the amazing flavors I always wanted to enjoy. Of course, you have the choice to make it super hot and add the seeds to the mix as well, or even add other hotter peppers. The flavors of the cheeses and the bacon just go so well with the fresh peppers, I can’t wait for you to see how easy this amazing appetizer is to make!

Hop over to the Rhodes blog to check out the full recipe!


Untitled - 1a


Untitled - 2a



Your friends and family are going to love this easy appetizer!



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