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Published on March 25th, 2016 | by Kristen Swain


Kaleidoscope Clay Pens

Kaleidoscope Clay Pens, these clay pens are such fun! I enjoy making these clay covered pens a whole lot. They are quite relaxing for me, and I can create one or lots!  They also make great gifts, party favors, craft fair items, sleepover and group crafts.


This Kaleidoscope design is super easy and this technique is modeled after making clay canes. A cane is a rope of clay that has design inside of it, and is often cut into coins shapes to be wrapped or rolled into designs for beads and such. I love how I used a lot of scrap pieces of clay on these pens, which was a real money saver. I love writing with these pens, they are soft feeling, as well as super comfortable in my hand. My teens often take a few to school and they get a lot of compliments on them.

This technique is so much easier then trying to create elaborate canes, and the pens are just beautiful!

I will walk you through the technique using photos and instructions.


I use these Bic pens, and pull out the ink cartridge and I also toss the cap because it won’t fit when they are covered. I have found these pens at office supply stores, the dollar store and stores like Walmart.



First, buy your clay, or get out your clay. I use Sculpey Clay in a multi package of many colors. It can be found online or at craft stores. It is about $15 for a large box or about $9 for a smaller box. Single colors can also be purchased if you are looking to only make pens in special colors, the single packages are about $3 each.

Chose your colors. I chose pink, yellow, lime green and white.  Soften your clay by rolling it between your hands for a minute or two. At the same time, begin rolling ropes in each color. Chose about how many ropes you want of each color. I used two each of the colors, and three white ropes. These ropes should be about a pencil thick, and about 3 inches long.


Place the ropes next to each other and lightly press them together.  Then use a knife ( a razor knife is best) and cut the rope piece into three pieces.


Now attach the three pieces together again, into a new piece. It will be kind of thick, but hang in there.


Begin rolling the thick log into a thinner log. Once it is smaller, you will only need it to be about 1 inch or so thick.

No worries about size though! The smaller the log, the smaller the pieces of the canes, and the more intricate the final look you will get.


Each log can vary, it will just depend on how big you want your final coin sized pieces. I liked mine at about the size of a penny.


Use that razor knife again and cut thin pieces or coins off of the kaleidoscope cane. Each piece should be the size of a coin, not much thicker or thinner tho.


Begin to add the coins to the pen, wrap them around the pen covering as much of the pen as you can, without too much overlap.


Once you have covered the pen, begin rolling the pen again to even out the lumps and the separate pieces to form them into one solid covering.


To finish, make sure the top of the pen is totally covered, and where the ink cartridge is is open. I use the razor knife to trim off the extra clay.


Then refine the edge with my fingers to smooth it out. You can see that I have a thin layer of clay on the pen, it’s smooth and ready for baking.


Bake your pens at 275degrees in your oven for 15 minutes. I like to cover my cooking pan with aluminum foil and crumple it a bit to hold the pens up off the surface for more even baking.


Allow the pens to cool, replace the pen cartridges and they are ready to use! I made a huge variety in just two days.




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