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Techniques scare

Published on October 16th, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


Last Minute Scarecrow Makeup

I know that not everyone is as excited for Halloween as I am. I just love it, the creeps, the spooks, the scary movies, the candy…..

And everyone doesn’t have their costumes figured out before hand. Hey, I know that with today’s busy person, it might not even be on the mind. Especially if you have no idea what you are even doing Halloween night. I mean, you might need a last minute costume idea too. So here is a little tutorial for a Last Minute Scarecrow Makeup.

You can pull this makeup off in about 15 minutes, maybe a little more with a wiggly costume wearer. AND you need no special makeups then a little eyeliner and lipgloss if you are in a hurry.

This makeup is perfect for all ages- from young child to adult costume. Special thanks to minion #2- Annalise for being my experiment/guinea pig/model.


So I have a little tutorial using regular makeup. And a little costume makeup that you can add to enhance the look ( but can be left off if you have to) and this way, using what girly products you have in your makeup kit, you are able to throw together a super cute fun makeup that doesn’t look like you threw a costume together in 10 minutes. Like that one time that I went as a vampire using a trash bag as a cape…. sigh….

For this look- you will need

  • regular makeup look- everyday
  • cream blush or pink lipgloss
  • orange or red lipgloss
  • black pencil eyeliner- or liquid liner
  • optional- white/black cream face paint


To begin, start with a light makeup, foundation, a little blush and mascara.

Untitled - 1

Underneath the lashes, create a thick line using a black eyeliner pencil. Then make individual rays coming down from that line. Get as sharp a point as you can, and fill in with a solid color.



Use a pink lip gloss or lipstick if you chose, and make two round cheeks and color the lips.


Optional- if you want sharper points on your scarecrow lashes, use the black cream face paint and a fine brush to tip the points onto the ends of the lashes.


Once you have added the round cheeks, you can highlight them with a little white cream paint on a brush and make a half oval shape with the white facepaint.


To make the mouth, begin at the corner of the mouth, then draw out toward the ears making a thin black line.

Either draw X shapes, or I lines for stitches for the mouth.

Highlight optional- I used the white cream facepaint to add highlights to the X stitches using a fine brush.


add on the triangle nose, then use the eyeliner to trace a black line, add stitches and highlights with the white and black cream face paints.


Almost done, just add a fine black line around the outside of the lipline to create the finish on the mouth.

Put on a straw hat. And add a plaid flannel shirt to some jeans, and you are ready to go!

Untitled - 2

Untitled - 3

So scrary. I mean scare crowy…crow scrary….??? yep.






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