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Published on August 11th, 2014 | by Kristen Swain


Low Carb Lunch Idea

I am loving this new healthy eating style. I can see the weight coming off, and I feel less tired. When you kick the worst habits, it’s hard for a while. Yes, I will admit, it’s sometimes challenging switching gears and not adding in breads and bread crumbs. We’re having to figure out how to have things like sandwiches in a new way, and old habits can be really hard to kick. But, we’re in this, and we’re committed to figuring out how to make it work for us. I am experimenting with new recipes, ones I hope to bring to you soon. We can all use a little less white flour, a little less white potatoes in our diets, and I will say, the internet has been wonderful! Lots of amazing cooks out there (and some not great ones) but it’s just so nice to have a support system to look to for help!

Low Carb Lunch Idea - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com
I have found these amazing and delicious wraps that are super low carb. They are great for a low carb lunch idea. Now I haven’t tasted a bunch of low carb wraps, just a few and they haven’t been all that great. The ones I have tried have been tough and dry, less like a wrap more like hard tack! LOL! But these lavash wraps, and also Joesph’s Pita Breads, are really good. They are a little dry, but this sandwich is delicious and with the avocado addition, much creamier tasting!

Low Carb Lunch Idea - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

I used a lettuce mix- love adding lots of fresh greens to these wraps, you almost don’t realize that you are eating them!
Low Carb Lunch Idea - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

After spreading out the lettuce mix, I put on slices of avocado, a torn piece of Swiss cheese, and shredded rotisserie chicken breast.

Each lavash bread is only 50 calories per serving. This wrap serves two. Or one if you are just starting your diet and are hungry!

Low Carb Lunch Idea - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

I take my wrap and fold it over the inside, then begin rolling it. It easily slices and made a delicious and filling lunch!

Low Carb Lunch Idea - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

A great low carb idea for lunch! or after school snack!

Low Carb Lunch Idea - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com



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