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Published on October 26th, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


Not So Hard Deer Makeup

I’ve decided to add some makeup tutorials for Halloween. I think this is something I can expand on in the future, but I know my friends would appreciate better tutorials that are pretty easy, and with items that they can pull from their own makeup kits to supplement the design. Here is my version of Not So Hard Deer Makeup.

You won’t be seeing me in these tutorials, I am unfortunately allergic to any commercial face painting makeup. This I discovered after I added scarecrow makeup and went to a Halloween party. The next day my eyes were swollen almost shut and I had big icky spots on my cheeks. Never again.

However, my girls are completely ok with these makeups and they make great models. Even if Annalise does look miserable in my photos, rest assured it’s just her trying to stay still that is more of the issue! She’ll be sporting a much more toned down look of this deer makeup at her school dance, just something she can put on in about 10 minutes on her own. I can’t wait to see what a great job she’ll do with it.

Untitled - 4

This deer look was also last year’s costume. She wore all brown, including this jumbo sweatshirt I bought her. The long sleeves look like hooves when she puts her hands up.

Untitled - 2

I bought the rose headband at Walmart, and I did see antlers in the costume aisle as well. I made my own last year with an old headband, then hot glued some sparkly pipe cleaners into the antler shape. Then I also hot glued on the two felt ears.

Makeup you will need-


light powder


eyeliner- black

white/black face paint


Start with a fresh face, add a little foundation if you chose to. I began and drew in darker eyebrows, I just didn’t want them too dark.


Next I used bronzer on both sides of her forehead, but leaving the center untouched. I also ran the bronzer full over her cheeks. Along with the bronzer I added the blush as well, to give a pink/brown tone to her skin.

Once I had that on, I used a light face powder and added it in the center of her forehead, over and around her eyes and full down her nose,


I blended that in with a large brush, then I used a little more bronzer along the sides of her nose and took the light powder down the nose to create the flat lines of a deer muzzle.


To dress up her eyes. I used eyeliner and added a point at both the end of the eyelid and down from her tear duct.


Do both eyes.


When you are finished the eyes, draw a line across the nose almost at the tip, fill in from the tip down to the base of the nose.

Then draw a straight line down from the nose to the upper lip. Fill in the upper lip as well.


Use white face paint and just the tip of your finger, dab a little paint from the tube and dab onto the face- forehead and both cheeks.


Take a clean finger and redab on each white dot to soften it into the skin.


Untitled - 1

Untitled - 3

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