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Published on July 27th, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


ReFab your Lawn Furniture

What does Re-Fab mean?

Well we are rehab-ing some dirty, old, plastic chairs for outside, and making these chairs fabulous again! So we are Re-Fabing them!

Honestly, I began this project many months ago in fall, but winter came in and I never finished getting my chairs painted. So I don’t have photos of the process.

I began by trying to clean what once were white plastic chairs. Mine are a little fancier then the basic plastic chair that you can find for about $10, but the process is still the same.

I washed mine, even trying a magic eraser on trying to clean them off. They were dingy and gray, and I just couldn’t get them back to clean looking again. I gave up on trying to get them clean and decided that what I needed to do was give them a fresh coat of paint.

Once they were painted, they looked so amazing! I love it. I spent $1.50 on each can of paint, and spray painted them on a tarp to keep the overspray to a minimum on the driveway. I used about 2 cans of paint per chair. For $3 a chair, they are smooth and pretty and so nicely colorful. You can spend the extra money on a plastic fusion paint, if you are looking for super long term color as well.


Once I was finished painting the chairs, I added some pillows to make my set up a bit more comfy.
While I was shopping one day, I found some vinyl tablecloths on clearance for $3 each. I bought two, but they were round tablecloths. Ideally I wanted a rectangle one. But the price was unbeatable.


I laid the tablecloth out folded once in half, and cut rectangles out of the fabric, about 16×12 inches . I then sewed each square into a pillow, turned it right side out and added fiberfill to each one. I didn’t stuff them too tightly, because the pillows need to allow the air out when you lean on them.


I was able to cut out and make 6 pillows in total. And I am storing the extras in this fabulous shabby wicker table that I found at the curb on trash day. It’s a little beat up, and a little paint chipped, but that just made me like it even more. What is is a super handy and lightweight table for our set.

Currently we don’t have a patio space.  Mostly because we haven’t been able to decide on materials and a set place to make a patio in our yard. It’s fairly big and we have several places we’d like to add a pad to, but for now, we move the furniture around to suit our needs. Whether it’s by the pool, or over under the shade of the tree, or even tucked around our fire pit, we are really enjoying our freshly painted set.


I love the bright red, it seems like colorful furniture is a big draw these days and the semigloss shine makes it easy to just hose off the chairs if they get dirty.  This set looks great out in the yard and we’re excited to have guests over to share our fun lawn furniture!


What a great way to add beauty to those ugly,tired, plastic chairs for not a lot of money!



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2 Responses to ReFab your Lawn Furniture

  1. Janice says:

    Thank you for this post! I have those very same chairs that were purchased at Costco several years ago. I was going to get rid of them because everything I used to try to clean them up did NOT work. I didn’t realize you could even purchase spray paint for plastic…..will definitely look into it. Your chairs look absolutely beautiful!

  2. Katie says:

    Wow, those look amazing! What kind of paint did you use?

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