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Published on July 20th, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


Shrimp Roll Sandwich

With it being summer, and here on the east coast, basically a time to enjoy fresh seafood, I love to make easy and delicious meals for the family.

Born and raised in Baltimore suburbs, I teethed on crabs. Summer time was the time for crab feasts that lasted all day, and as kids we were taught you had to pick them if you wanted to eat them. Hanging outside, eating the crabs, washing off in the pool. Ahhh..

Old Bay is the only seasoning I use for seafood. Shrimp and crabs especially, the seasoning is in my blood. This seasoning is incredible on chips and fries too!

McCormick is a staple Maryland Company, and I love many of their other seasonings, but Old Bay is the only seasoning I want on my shrimp.

Up in New England, they have their delicious lobster rolls. While they are amazing, I can’t afford enough lobster to feed my family, but shrimp is a great alternative.

I created these Shrimp Roll Sandwiches with shrimp, mayo, Old Bay, and a little lettuce, topping a butter roll. It’s easy and fast, and makes a great lunch or light dinner after you get home from the beach, off the boat, or out of the pool. It’s a little decadent, and a little pricey, but hey, it’s an indulgence that is much less then buying at the local sandwich shack.


I buy a lot of frozen shrimp ( did you know even most seafood places thaw their frozen shrimp out to sell it to you as ‘fresh’) true story, I worked at a seafood shop as a teen.
The secret to good shrimp flavor is to buy them frozen and uncooked. Cooking shrimp releases a lot of flavor and you lose that with the precooked stuff.


Shrimp can run a variety of  prices, you just have to look for deals. Would you believe I bought two bags of large shrimp for about $16?  Not a bad price considering lobster runs about that for a single lobster. AND they came de-veined and shelled. ( bought mine at Walmart). Just had to remove the tails.

I know some people have an issue with cooking shrimp. I will tell you it’s super easy to do.

Once you thaw your shrimp out, toss it in a saute pan on the stove on medium heat.

Add some butter for a little flavor- about a tablespoon- and let the shrimp simmer until you see them beginning to pink up. Shrimp are done when they are less translucent and more white flesh, with pink tips around the outside. The middle section of the shrimp, the middle part of the curve, is the best part to look at to make sure they are no longer translucent ( or a little blueish).

If you are worried about cooking them, remove one when you think it is done, cut it in half and it should be completely white all the way through. That cut shrimp is obviously the cook’s to sample. :0)

I always shell my shrimp after they are cooked, the shell or tail comes off easier, but I am impatient always and often am shelling hot shrimp. ( and running my tender fingertips under the cold water in the sink.)
Honestly, if you are more comfortable buying the precooked, do that so that you can indulge in some wonderful sandwiches.


To make these sandwiches, open a butter roll ( mine were hotdog style) and line it with a little lettuce.

You need about 1/3 pound of shrimp per person- about 6-9 shrimp for a very full sandwich.

Add your cooled, cooked, peeled, and de-veined shrimp to a bowl.

Add about 1/4 cup mayo to the shrimp, then add a tablespoon of Old Bay seasoning. Mix well. The mayo should just coat the shrimp.

Add 6-9 shrimp per roll to each sandwich, then sprinkle a little Old Bay on top for flavor and pretty decoration.







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