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Published on August 3rd, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


Snacks on the Go

I talk a lot about trying to balance my healthy eating with not-so-diet-friendly food.

I am always looking to add new ideas to my snacking and eating.  Snacks especially are hard, because it really is too easy to grab bags of to-go items for a quick snack while I am working.

With school starting back up, it’s also time for Mom’s Taxi  Service to get back in gear. I spend a lot of time running back and forth to school since the girls are always needing a ride or pick up from sports events, clubs, band, national honor society, music honor society meetings, makeup work and more.

And with my girls being teens, I find that I am often sharing my snacks with them.

They get in the car and in seconds, I hear cries of “I’m starving, do you have any food?”

Every. single. day.

So I am looking forward to sharing healthier snacks with them, while we ride back and forth from events – snacks on the go.


Recently I discovered that M&M’s®Crispy are back. In case you haven’t ever tried them, they are M&M’s with crispy rice inside.  They are candy shells with rich chocolate, coating a crunchy piece of crispy rice. SO YUM!
I wanted to make a fun, easy to eat and satisfying snack that I could take on the go that would help me feel full, while also curbing my sweet cravings.

I made this easy snack with M&M’s®Crispy, cream cheese mixed with Greek yogurt and celery.


Let’s talk the important facts.

Calories, did you know a full serving of M&M’s®Crispy is a whole 1/3 of a cup for under 200 calories. I love that. They are only 180 calories for a serving!


I think it’s because they have that crispy rice center, the amount of chocolate in each is reduced in size, and still gives you that full bite of chocolate, so satisfying!

I took my Greek yogurt cream cheese (this has less calories than regular cream cheese) and inserted my two tablespoons into a simple Ziploc baggie. I put the cream cheese all the way down into the corner of the bag, then snipped off the small tip of the corner. This makes it easy and less messy to get your cream cheese into your celery. Plus you can put a little less cream cheese per stalk, and have fewer calories as well, or make more for your serving!


You can eat 6 whole sticks of these celery bites! That’s a big serving size. I pretty much share this whole snack between the three of us, we each get two stalks per serving.

Let’s count calories.

Celery- one  4inch stick has pretty much 0 calories.  however- these six 4inch sticks have about 20 calories total.

M&M’s®Crispy- 1/3 cup is 180 calories per serving. I counted my cup of M&M’s®Crispy and there were about 56 M&M’s®Crispy pieces. So 1/4 of that serving would be 45 calories for 16 pieces.

A serving size of the Greek yogurt cream cheese is 60 calories.

If we add that up, it’s 145 calories for 6 sticks of celery, with cream cheese and M&M’s®Crispy. (we’ll add two more M&M’s®Crispy for about 4 more calories, because we have two pieces missing for a total of 18 M&M’s®Crsipy on our stalks)

So,in total, 147 calories for a largish snack that powers down that sweet craving without killing our diet plan, or 49 calories for each when eating 2 stalks !

I found some plastic containers that they fit in perfectly too.


Perfect for snacking on the go!





I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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