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Published on September 17th, 2014 | by Kristen Swain


Spooktacular Halloween on the Cheap – Part 1

Spray paint is my friend.

Spray paint is your friend.

Spray paint is like beer goggles. It makes things that aren’t so great into super pretty things! :D

I also am quite fond of the dollar store, and I want to show you why.

I love the combination of dollar store items and spray paint. You can really dress up those cheap items into fabulous spooktacular Halloween on the cheap decor.

Spooktacular Halloween on the Cheap - CreativeMeInspredYou.com

Nothing on this tablescape – except for one can of mirror spray paint – was more than $1.

Yep, all this, and it was all a buck for every single thing.

Let’s go over the list:

Black spray paint – both gloss and matte – $.99 a can.

Moss/paper shreds – $1 a bag.

Skeletons – $1 each.

Recycled glass jars – nada!

Skulls – $1 each

Rat/roaches/crow/spider webbing/scary netting -$1 each

Spiders -$1 for two

Flowers – $1 a bunch

Apothecary jars – recycled items and bagged creepy crawlies- nothing more than $1

Skull wreath – $1 Target dollar spot for skull image and nothing for recycled book pages.

Spooktacular Halloween on the Cheap - CreativeMeInspredYou.com


I’m going to be sharing all the ideas I have in this decor in the next two days. There are way too many photos to share in one huge post.
Spooktacular Halloween on the Cheap - CreativeMeInspredYou.com

Spooktacular Halloween on the Cheap - CreativeMeInspredYou.com

Spider Webbing

One tip I’m going to share with you today, is working with spider webbing.

This stuff done right looks amazing.

And, an entire bag of it can potentially decorate an entire house.

The trick to it is to grab handfuls and pull off a thin piece. The more you pull it the more it stretches. However, when you are placing it, you want to make sure that you are pulling in the thicker white spots, and pull in various decorations. The thinner and more random you get the webbing, the more realistic it looks.

Just know that by the time you are finished, it will be all over you!
See you tomorrow!





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4 Responses to Spooktacular Halloween on the Cheap – Part 1

  1. Mari says:

    Great share found you on Bloggy Moms will follow via email!

  2. Diena Cameron says:

    Found you on Hometalk and so glad I did. Terrific tricks for a Spooktacular Halloween !! So many tricks to copy from you that i can’t wait for Halloween now. We just moved back to a city where my daughter and grandkids live and i finally have an entryway with a sofa table and two lamps on it very similar to your picture. Also our last house was in a area where there weren’t any children and my grandkids lived so far away so Halloween wasn’t any fun. So thanks for the inspiration and all those tricks, this is one grandma that will be ready this year ( :

    • cmiy says:

      Hi Diena! wow, thanks so much for the compliments! Oh I bet your grandkids will just adore a fun and spooky setting, and making them with budget friendly ideas will allow you to spoil them a bit! Enjoy!

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