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Published on October 20th, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


Spooky Spider Pencils

I am thinking that I should be crowned the queen of dollar store crafts.

It’s a fitting title. I really do bring you lots of crafts on the cheap, and mostly using the dollar store items.

Today I am sharing these adorable spooky spider pencils, again using dollar store items to create them.

I love creating these cute pencils for gifting, or Trick or Treating. Sometimes we aren’t allowed to send food in to the school parties, but this non food favor is sure to please.


To make these cute pencils, you will need-

Pencils from the dollar store ( get the mixed halloween colors for fun)

Pompoms from the dollar store ( these came in a variety color pack, I only used the black one)

Twine from the dollar store ( black)

Wiggle eyes from the dollar store

Hot glue gun


First, I tied knots in the twine, cutting the twine just at the base of the knot. Then leaving on about an inch of twine on the other side of the knot.



You need to cut 6 of these for the spiders. Yes, spiders have 8 legs, but these are cute spiders, which are made with tiny pompoms that 8 legs would have been too big to fit under.


Here is the assembly.

Cut 6 legs, hot glue to top of pencil.

Add pompom to front and back of pencil.

Add two wiggle eyes to spider body.




Add two sizes of wiggle eyes for a cuter look. Or vary the sizes for some different looks.


If you spin the pencils the legs flair out a bit. They are a cute toy too!


Make as many as you need. keep one for yourself to use for a bit of fun!




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