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Published on August 4th, 2014 | by Kristen Swain


Spray Paint Recyclables for Teen Room Decor

I keep bottles and glass jars around. I never know when inspiration will strike to reuse these beautiful items. I recently bought some fabulous colors of spray paint. It so happened that after I was done using them on another project, I couldn’t put them down. Now, I am a spray paint fanatic. LOVE the stuff. Since redecorating our house, I have used tons of white and black cheap cans of paint. I love the solid black, it adds sophistication to a lot of paintable objects.

Look at this photo. There are so many things I want to point out to you, even though this post today is about these fun and bright colored bottles and vase. I have to show you that with imagination and creativity, you can create a great decor for your teen too.

I have a post using canvas to create this FAB zebra skin hanging. I haven’t yet posted about it, but those bed pillows. Made with colorful handkerchiefs. Perfect for teens and they come in a vast array of colors.

That little lamp. I told you about my mild obsession with black spray paint. That little lamp was a dingy crystal lamp with rusty bottom I’d had for years. Refreshed with paint, it looks gorgeous topped with a chic lampshade.

Spray Paint Recyclables - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

All you have to do is find your items to paint. Today’s project is spray paint recyclables (some used bottles and a vase) for teen room decor. I used two varieties of bottles and a dollar store vase. Occasionally, minion#1 gets flowers and it’ll be nice for her to have a little vase to stick them in now. The larger bottles can hold bracelets, or longer stem flowers. I love that they remind me of two vases that were over $40 that I bought at Pier One.

Spray Paint Recyclables - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

All you have to do is clean them. I found that some bottles have a residue of glue. I used Goo Gone, and it removes it.

Take the bottles and set them where they won’t be disturbed and well ventilated, then give them two or three light coats of paint. Let them dry well.

Minion#1 loves them! Just another useful but darling idea for her fun room!

Spray Paint Recyclables - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com



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