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Published on August 26th, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


Sticks and Stones Tic Tac Toe

As a kid, I was into making, or trying, to make my own games. I love crafting and wanted to make games myself. I was an outdoors kid, weren’t all of us 70’s kids?

Mom sent us out and we maybe only came in for lunch, then dinner.

Nowadays I try to implement time limits on electronics and have a swing in the backyard for entertaining the kids, and a pool in the summer.

So I’m impressed with making toys and games that are homemade, but also a fun idea for keeping the kids occupied enough to stick it out and stay outside.


I also love that this is an inexpensive craft.

I bought my stones in the vase filler section at the dollar store.

If you have them available from nature, pick your own. If not, one big bag was $1. And I only used 10 stones from the bag, mix it in with other vase fillers and use the rest of the extra stones that way.

Or make a second set as a delightful gift, or second set at Grandmom’s house.

You will need some acrylic paints, a brush, a white colored pencil, a black permanent marker, some clear sealant spray and if you so chose, a bag to carry the game in.


I  chose my paint colors from what I already had. You can find these at the craft store for less then $1 each.  Mix and match your colors and decide what colors you will use for your stones.

If you chose to, or if they are very dirty. wash your stones. You will need 5 stones for each side.

I used an old crayola white colored pencil to draw my shapes on the stones.



Then I used a paint brush and paint to add my shapes to the stones.

I painted each color and let them dry. I added a thick coat so I only painted them once. You can paint these easily, just think of each shape as a round dot, then touch the paint together to form the butterfly or flower.


Make sure to let the paint dry well. Come back with a black permanent marker and draw lines over the shapes. This will give you a more perfect looking paint job.


To finish, I sprayed my stones with a matte clear spray paint to protect the paint. Let them dry, then gather a couple sticks.


You need four sticks to make the game board, then you can play!





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