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Published on July 27th, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


Summer Reading for Teens

Or as I like to call it, Quiet Time for Momma. Summer time is all about letting the girls do their thing.

I have tried to (and been pretty successful at it too) instill a love of books and reading in the girls. I grew up devouring books, reading through them in a short time. I’m still that way, I read a book in at most two to three days. I just love delving deep into a good story, there is something that just pulls me in and has me wanting to know the whole story.

My girls are the same way. Annalise and Alizabeth both love fiction. We used to have a book store that we could find the books for under half price, but the store closed, and I have been looking for another place to buy books at less cost.

During the summer months, I encourage the girls to read as much as they can with their other activities. I ask that they read a fiction and a non-fiction book a week.


Here comes Thriftbooks.com.

Check out all the categories they have just for teen readers! Teen Books

I allowed both girls to buy $10 worth of books to try out. Annalise picked out a series called Maximum Ride by James Patterson. Alizabeth had already read the books and recommended them to her. Annalise is loving the story line, and finished the first book The Angel Experiment in less than one day. I told you, we go through books fast!


Alizabeth picked several different books, including Emily Dickinson poems, Shattering Glass by one of her favorite authors, Gail Giles, and a dystopian society type book called Brave New World.


When you visit the books pages, you will get a choice between the book quality and the cost difference. Like this.

I absolutely love that I can buy the books for less just because they may be a little worn. Thriftbooks.com has a a section of less costly books in their bargain deals. You can purchase the books marked DEALS for 2 books for $7, or 3 books for $10, or even better 4 books for $12. Additional books are $3 each.

Several years ago we stopped visiting our local library because the physical selection they had was already read by the girls. They would check out 20-30 books a week (less as they got older and the books got thicker) but it was a question of letting my teen move into adult reading (which can be questionable) and disappointing my then tween with books that were aimed at an older audience. We would still check out books using our tablets, but there is that whole real thing of holding a book while you read. That physical touch that helps create the reading experience.


I found that the selection is enormous! They say they have over 7 million books and you can even find out-of-print books. I also loved that with a $20 order, I got free shipping. Yay for free shipping! That is one of my favorites! Then I found that they have a book club, so that I can join that for free, and when I have bought $50 of books, I get a $5 coupon! I think that is great, I mean, I’m already getting books at a huge discount, and this is a real way for me to save even more.

Just in case you want to earn some more rewards, Thriftbooks.com also has a referral program that you and your friends or family will get 15% off if they sign up within 15 days of your referral. And, that’s actually 20% off if you are also a book club member! Some nice rewards there.


Yes I am advertising this site and getting a compensation for doing so, however, I truly enjoy this site and am planning another order soon because instilling and fostering a love of reading in my kids is important to me, and gives them knowledge while enjoying an activity that they already enjoy.

I leave you with this quote from Paula Fox- “When you read to a child, when you put a book in a child’s hands, you are bringing that child news of the infinitely varied nature of life. You are an awakener.”

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.





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