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Published on August 18th, 2014 | by Kristen Swain


Super Cute Girls Room Jewelry Holder

I made this super cute girls room jewelry holder last year. It is adorable and so easy peasy! My minions love their jewelry. I think it doesn’t hurt too much that their momma makes a lot of it for them. Keeping necklaces and such in a regular jewelry box was a big mistake. Tangled and broken necklaces were the result of shoving them in drawers, or trying to hang them from those dinky little hooks then, rolling up the rest that sticks out of the bottom and again, shoving it in and closing the door. I couldn’t stand it!

Super Cute Girls Room Jewelry Holder - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

I bought this from Walmart.  It’s a combo dry erase/magnetic board and a cork board. Ignore the crazy pricing on that link- it was about $10. I painted the whole thing with chalk paint. You can find it at almost any home store- brand is no preference. Here is one kind. Just any kind of chalk paint will do. I liked black to match the color scheme in the gray/white/pink/black bedroom, so I went with black. If you are going to use chalk on it, just make sure it’s a deep dark color so the chalk shows up. (I’m not pushing Walmart. Buy from wherever, I just happened to get those as easy links to show you the products.)

You may think it’s crazy to paint even the corkboard black, but trust me, the whole board looks so much nicer this way. The easiest part of this whole board – I hung the jewelry up with push pins! Just  $.99 box of clear ones and you stick them in where ever on the board. And hang your necklaces from each pin. You can get two per pin, if you need that much extra room. I mean, if you are a fashion diva and have a whole ton of necklaces, buy a full sized cork board, paint it and hang it sideways. I estimate you could probably get 50-75 necklaces on it.

Super Cute Girls Room Jewelry Holder - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

To make the ribbons for the hair clips. I simply cut a strip of wider ribbon and pushed a push pin through that. Then just clip each bow or pin onto the ribbon. This is seriously one of the easiest projects ever! And I will tell you, up until I made this for minion#2, jewelry was just kind of tossed onto a dresser and put away whenever, falling to the floor and getting kicked under nightstands and dressers. Now, it’s so much easier to just take the necklace off, and hang it back up. Plus, no more searching all over when getting your outfits together, just look and all your jewelry is right there in front of you.

Super Cute Girls Room Jewelry Holder - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

The chalk board is just a fun idea. Over the months that she’s had the board, she and her friends have wiped it clean and signed their names, drawn and left messages. Occasionally I will go in and leave something like this for her, and she’ll leave it alone for a month or more. This is one of her favorite sayings – Never let anyone dull your sparkle. So, I had to give it a go while playing with some chalkboard art. Fun!




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