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Published on August 19th, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


Sweet Homecoming Proposal

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CloudPetsForever #CollectiveBias

I’d like to tell you a little about my daughter, Alizabeth.

She’s now 17.5 years old, I don’t know when that happened, because I remember it was just yesterday that she was saying her first words, potty training, and learning to ride a bike.

Time flies and the next thing you know, your kid is a senior, with her own hopes and dreams and getting ready to spread her wings to fly.
Over a year ago, she met a guy, Luke, through a mutual friend. He lives over an hour south of us, and goes to a private boys school. He really gets her, and they are best friends who are also dating.

While they text, and talk on the phone almost every day, and Skype when they can, I know that the distance is hard. As parents, we try to get them together when we can, and even have a set meeting point about half way that we use as a pick up point so that neither set of parents have hours of driving to do.

Even as regular teens who are busy with activities and jobs, any teen can have a hard time balancing a dating relationship, so adding in that long commute to each other, they manage to do fairly well with getting together and working out details.

When Alizabeth and I heard about CloudPets™, we were interested in how this cute stuffed animal could be gifted to her boyfriend and be another way of keeping touch, what a unique, one of a kind idea for a gift. How sweet to think of her sending him a goodnight message just before he goes to sleep with a little stuffed bear for him to snuggle.

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With school starting soon, we even discussed what a cute idea it would be for her to ask him to her school homecoming. I’m sure you have heard of Prom-posals? Well in our area, we have some kids who also do Homecoming proposals and Alizabeth wants unique ideas to ask Luke to her school’s homecoming dance. How great that these CloudPets™ came out at the perfect time!

Not only is it a cute way to program the Teddy Bear she picked to ask him to Homecoming, but now they can also leave each other sweet  little messages through the bear on a regular basis.

We researched a little to find out about CloudPets™. First of all, our Walmart had them early because they were one of about 700 stores that first received them, however they will be nationwide soon. I found them on a display sitting in the middle of the front aisle by the cash registers. Nice that they were so easy to find.

Untitled - 3

Alizabeth already has an android phone as does Luke, and I found out right away that there are parental controls on the APP so that we don’t have to worry as parents about just anyone getting into and sending messages. I also found that there are easy to follow tutorials on how to use the CloudPet™, so we didn’t have to struggle setting it up. You can use Iphone or Android systems on your phone or tablet.

Here is the link to see how easy it is to set your CloudPet™ to send and receive messages. CloudPet™ tutorial.



The hardest part of her Homecoming Proposal was choosing the perfect pet. Did she want to give him the Kitty? What about the Puppy? Or the Unicorn or Bunny?She decided that the Bear was the perfect choice.

Untitled - 2

I sat with Alizabeth to see how easy it was for her to go ahead and load her message to Luke on the Bear CloudPet™. She used my Ipad mini to download the APP, and was well on her way to getting her Proposal set up.


In just a few minutes, she was finished and ready to send the message to her phone to load onto the bear.  That loaded quickly and she was all set.


This weekend she will be giving her Homecoming Proposal to Luke when they visit each other. I’m sure the answer will be a resounding YES, after all, how could he resist such an adorable offer!

Don’t you think this was a cute idea for a Homecoming Proposal? With Christmas coming up, who would you like to give this Puppy CloudPet™ to? I’d love to hear your idea to who would love to receive one of the adorable CloudPets™ this Christmas!








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2 Responses to Sweet Homecoming Proposal

  1. How adorable that she is asking HIM to homecoming! I love the bear idea and they will get to keep connected through the bear as well. Love everything about this! [client]

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