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Published on February 11th, 2016 | by Kristen Swain


Taco Bread Cups


As a busy mom, I sometimes forget important items at the grocery store. My kiddos are notorious for not letting me know when they are in need, or have used the last of something. So I am pretty much writing a new list the moment I get home from the store. And honestly, I’m not so good at remembering when I use the last box of taco shells either. So occasionally, I will run out, usually after I have planned on tacos for dinner. My youngest will only eat the corn tortilla style shells, where the rest of us would be just as happy with burrito or soft taco shells. So I came up with this yummy and easy way to appease her and make a fun new twist on Taco Tuesday! Taco Bread Cups are sure to please those picky eaters!

I also love that these cups are just perfect for a party or group gathering. In fact, we are planning on serving these at an upcoming sleepover with some of her girlfriends.


I don’t usually run out of Rhodes Frozen Bake N Serv Dough at my house, so I always have the rolls or the bread waiting patiently in the freezer for a new idea or delectable treat.

These cups are definitely easy for kids to help make, mine likes stretching the dough out and placing it on the pan!

They are absolutely delicious!

Hop on over to the Rhodes Bread Blog and see the easy to follow instructions and photo tutorial for these bread cups!

Untitled - 22

My teen is one happy camper with these tacos!

Untitled - 12



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