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Published on August 31st, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


The Journey to Anyday Sundae Funday

I have been asked by the J.M. Smuckers company to share tips and ideas using Smucker’s® Brand Products. I have been compensated for this post, however all opinions are my own.

With school beginning and the days not having enough hours, it’s hard to get our family together for much time on the weekends. Pretty much the only time I get everyone together is if there is food ( plentiful amounts if you want the teens to stick around!)

Doesn’t seem like there is time enough for activities, chores, homework, friends, and even family. And as parents of teens, we are very aware that our times together should be memorable, with college looming, drivers licenses and those adult years just zooming in on us. I still say it every day. Time is short.


Sunday morning, I got Annalise up early to help me go grocery shopping at Walmart. Yes, I am that mom that makes my kids get up early sometimes on the weekends, you should hear the whining!

While we were chit chatting about everything ( boy, do I love our little special times together!), we talked about a fun tradition that we have as a family. Our Backwards Dinner tradition. It’s backwards because we eat dessert first. I don’t know any teen that doesn’t like the sound of that. And our dessert is always ice cream sundaes. Every one seems to like different items on their ice cream so we bought a variety of toppings to chose from.

There is never a set date for our tradition, we may go 6 months or even a year to have Backwards dinner, it’s really just about throwing out the rules, having some fun and treating ourselves a bit. No rules, no harping to eat their veggies ( do I do that? meh… )


We decided to head over to the ice cream toppings section to see what was available. No need to go to another store. Walmart had everything we needed.

We picked up a big tub of ice cream and some whipped cream over in dairy and the frozen aisle.

We just had to head over to the ice cream toppings aisle and get the rest of our ingredients.

Oh lookie, the toppings section was nice and full with a great selection.

There are jars and cans and bottles full of sweet drizzly goodness.


I let Annalise chose her favorites.

Hot fudge and Marshmallow. And some Magic Shell.


We chose Salted Caramel for Alizabeth and I.

Then we got my hubby Pecans in Syrup and Strawberry Filling. ( gotta have some nutrients from fruit in there!  not really what our food pyramid meant, though is it haha!)

And we couldn’t forget some cherries to top our sundae’s with!

Did I mention why I like shopping early mornings? We loaded our cart and got outta Dodge, in and out of the store with a full cart of groceries in 30 minutes! boo ya!

yum, look at all that goodness in our cart! I spent a total of $13.38 ( not including tax) on 6 jars of toppings. This is why I like Walmart, the great deals!


Of course, as soon as I mentioned the possibility of our Backwards Dinner, it was unanimously voted that we should have it tonight!

Come by tomorrow and see how we celebrated our Backwards dinner. Tell me how you top your Sundaes!


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