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Published on April 15th, 2016 | by Kristen Swain


Turkey Sausage with Bacon and Cabbage

Comfort Foods. Since I’ve gone low carb these foods have been a staple in my home. Rich, and full of flavor, I crave warm, belly filling meals. And making them low carb is a big bonus. Plus also there is the fam.

They have to want to eat it too. Sometimes though, I make these recipes for lunch just so I don’t have to share. Oh, that’s my lunch for this week, chuckling under my breath.

Sometimes it’s ok to reserve a little something behind for yourself. After all, I no longer hide cookies or chocolate. A Momma’s got have her own  little special treats, right?


Plus it’s a great big meal for low cost. You only need 1/2 pack of bacon, and you can stretch that even farther. Cabbage and the Kielbasa are quite inexpensive as well. Something like $3.25ish for the sausage that serves 7. And the cabbage is about $.69 a pound.


This Kielbasa Turkey Sausage with Bacon and Cabbage is amazing. Full of flavor, it’s creamy tasting without the cream. Full of cabbage, carrots and onions it’s got lots of veggie power. There is a little broth at the bottom of each bowl, not soupy, but juicy, perfect to mop with some bread, or just slurp up.

Plus—- Bacon. Yes, please! You can use regular Kielbasa, or smoked beef sausage as well. Whatever sausage you like to eat. I would absolutely serve this for company, with a small side salad and big chunks of fresh bread ( unless you are also low carb) with creamy softened butter. That sounds incredible!

let’s get to cookin!


In a large sauce pot, place 1/2 of a package of bacon, roughly chopped into pieces. Add in some chopped garlic and smoked paprika. Also add in onions.

Allow to saute until onions are translucent and bacon is crispy. I don’t drain the fat off because I needed it to cook the veggies in. You can spoon off some if it’s too much for your taste.


Slice kielbasa into rounds, add salt and pepper and continue cooking.


After about 2 minutes, allowing the kielbasa to get a little brown, add the carrots.


Also add in 1 cup of chicken stock.


Next add the cabbage.


Continue cooking until the cabbage is cooked down, but still has a little crispness to it.  About 10-15 minutes.


Serve. Feeds about 6-7 people.

Let’s talk carb breakdown.

Cabbage- 1 head- about 56g carbs.

Stock- 0 g.

1 cup carrots- 12g

1/2 cup onions- 8g

bacon- less then .1 g per serving

Kielbasa- 28g….. add that up to 104 g carbs for the whole pot. If we eat a bit more and serve this to 6 people, that’s 17.3 g of carbs per serving.

This is a hearty 1.5 cup serving. Add in a nice salad and you’ll have a hearty belly warming meal.








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