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Published on August 7th, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


Twine and Bead Bracelets

As a mom of teenagers who often get bored during the summer, I wanted to come up with a fun and easy craft for them to make some cool jewelry.

These twine and bead bracelets are unisex, which means that both boys and girls can make and wear them.

You can add colored pretty beads for girls, or wooden beads for guys and have a great bracelet to wear that is really easy to make.

After I made these bracelets, I showed Annalise how to make them, and she ended up using all the beads I had that fit in my bead box. I guess it’s a great way to use up some of those random beads that don’t really work with other jewelry, or maybe that were left over. Annalise added a few for my photos on her wrist, but since, has added on a couple more. She loves them. And her friends do too!

My oldest even gave her boyfriend a wooden one that matches her own wooden one, how cute to match.


I often keep twine around the house. But if you need to buy some, craft stores often have them in multicolors and sizes together. Stiffer twine is cheaper, and there is always a jewelry twine or hemp that is softer. I used several colors and styles for my bracelets, and found that the lighter colors were softer. But even the stiffer twine loosened up after a little wear.


You will need some basic items to get started.

Twine/Hemp cord- 3 pieces about 16 inches in length.

3 to 5 beads that fit onto the cord ( try pushing the end of the twine through the bead first to make sure the bracelet is easy to make)


a pin or clip to hold the cord while you braid.


To begin, cut three pieces of cord about 16 inches long each. Tie them together with a simple knot.

I use a pin to hold my cording to a pillow or my wrist rest on my desk. You can clip it on to something heavy or your pants leg, using a binder clip.


Create a simple braid and measure it out to about 3 inches long. After the braid is 3 inches, stop braiding and tie a knot with one strand around all three pieces of twine.


Here is a close up of the knot.


Now take the middle strand of twine, and place your bead on it.


Take the right side outside strand and tie a knot like so under the bead.


This is what the knot looks like pulled taut.


Take the leftmost outside strand, and tie a second knot under the bead.


This is what that knot looks like pulled taut.


Add another bead on the middle strand and repeat the two knots under the bead, using first the right outermost strand, then the left outermost strand.


Keep adding knots and beads until you have all your beads on the bracelet. Tie off a final knot, then begin braiding again to reach a second 3 inch length of braid.


Put a final knot in the end of that side, and your bracelet is done.

When you want to wear the bracelet, simply knot it around your wrist, add a second knot and pull it snug. Then cut off excess twine from the ends.

You can see that I used a variety of  beads and colors for these bracelets. Two wooden bead bracelets are to the far left, 3rd and 4th bracelets in.
I highly recommend having the teens make these. And what a great craft sale idea as well.




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