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Published on August 21st, 2015 | by Kristen Swain


Washi Tape School Pencils

School is coming, and we’re down to the countdown of days now instead of weeks.

It’s kind of sad for me, since I love having the girls around in the summer.

I just love my girls to bits and we have a lot of fun, joke, show each other funny videos etc… during the summer.

However, I am a school supply addict. We were sorting through our school supplies that I keep in a box year round ( always nice when they need pencils, pens, or notebooks). I was noticing I haven’t needed to buy glue sticks for over 3 years, but I have roughly 20 sticks sitting in a baggie. I guess I overbuy because it seems like when the kids run out of something they don’t give me much notice.

I mean it too, I have an entire gallon ziploc of pens and pencils that didn’t make the cut for immediate need so far. I have to admit I don’t just buy the supplies for the kids either.

I have a bucket on my desk of supplies; pens, pencils, scissors, rulers, markers and such.


I bought some regular pencils that I doubt that the girls will take – they love those mechanical pencils- oh darn! I guess I’ll just keep these pencils, so I decided to decorate them with Washi Tape so they would look fabulous in MY bucket. BUT- since they are UBER cute, I am sure they will slowly disappear over the next couple of weeks.


You only need your #2 pencils, and some Washi Tape and a razor knife.

Washi tape could be substituted for Duct Tape, but it can be found at Rite Aid, Walmart, craft stores, I’ve even seen it at Home Depot.

I keep mine in two small buckets that I painted black in my office.


To begin the wrap, make sure you begin at an angle, then make sure the wrap is just slightly overlapping as you spiral the tape down around the pencil. Cover the metal part of the pencil.


After your wrap is all the way on the pencil, use an exacto or razor knife to trim off the excess on the pencil tip.


Use the bottom of the metal to guide where to trim the excess tape off the pencil top as well. I hold my blade on the pencil and spin it to cut the tape easily.





To sharpen the pencil, simply peel away a little of the tape and sharpen!


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